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  • Clothes Hanger Recycling Ideas For Brabantia Lines

    Clothes Hanger Recycling Ideas For Brabantia Lines

    Clothes hangers are great – let’s just say it. The trouble is, they’re a bit plain aren’t they? Pretty much every time we buy clothing, it’s going to come on a hanger to store away in the wardrobe, and that’s probably out of sight. For me, though, I use them elsewhere too, so I love […]

  • How To Recycle Plastic Bottle Tops

    How To Recycle Plastic Bottle Tops

    The overuse of plastic has become a hot topic in recent years, in no small part thanks to David Attenborough’s Blue Planet. While we’re all trying to do our bit to use less and plastic, we’re still a long way from a practical way from preventing its use altogether. You should leave plastic bottle tops […]

  • Can You Recycle Candles?

    Can You Recycle Candles?

    Candles are somewhat of a luxury item, and if you like to burn them a lot you can find yourself spending a small fortune on new sticks each year. When one burns down, you’ll be left with some wax and sometimes a jar too that’s left over after the wick has burned away. You can […]

  • Recycling DIY Leftovers

    Home improvement projects inevitably create a lot of waste. Sometimes you’ll need to hire a skip to collect and remove the debris, while other times there will be a much smaller amount to dispose of. Regardless of the volume of waste, it’s important that you’re responsible with how it’s disposed of. That means recycling or […]

  • Recycling Glass & Plastic Bottle Ideas

    Here’s a great set of ideas for re-using glass and plastic bottles, as re-use is even better than recycling for the planet. If you’re good with your imagination and love crafting, you can re-use almost all of your waste, and bottles and glass jars are no exception. On a previous incarnation of, here’s what […]

  • Books

    I found a copy of Douglas Gayeton’s book, Slow: Life in a Tuscan Town, at a local church charity shop and just love it – the photographs and the story behind them. I think the cover (I removed the dust jacket) is an appropriate image for Easter. As symbols, eggs have many meanings: for Christians, […]

  • Christmas Crafts

    Christmas Workshop – Used Book Ornaments This November I will be holding a Christmas Workshop at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre. Using old paperbacks and hardcover books, we will be making cute little snowmen, tiny Christmas trees, star tree toppers as well one or two ornaments. These can be embellished with a little paint or even […]

  • Green Valentine – Plastic Bag Heart Wreath

    Here’s another green Valentine offering – a heart wreath made entirely of plastic bags! The base of this heart wreath is (you guessed it!) a wire coat hanger. How to do it: Stretch the coat hanger into a heart shape first and bend the hook end back so it will not show. Next cut up […]

  • Recycle A Book Into A Holiday Decoration

    Here’s a quick and easy way to make a holiday ornament – just recycle a book into one. All you do is make a couple of folds and that’s it!  Mind you these may be a bit big for the tree. But they’ll make a grand statement wherever you put them. What you will need: Rectangular […]

  • Dust Scoop From Plastic Milk Jug

    Don’t you just love it when you can figure out how to make something from a photo with no long boring instructions. Well, here’s an example. My daughter recently sent me a pic of a really elegant dust scoop (or pan) cut out of a plastic milk jug. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking […]