Green Valentine – Plastic Bag Heart Wreath

Here’s another green Valentine offering – a heart wreath made entirely of plastic bags! The base of this heart wreath is (you guessed it!) a wire coat hanger.

How to do it:

Stretch the coat hanger into a heart shape first and bend the hook end back so it will not show. Next cut up the plastic bags into small strips (2″ by 1″) and tie each of these strips to the wire form. I ran out of red plastic bags and just added the white ones to finish my wreath off. Looks pretty good – I think!

Stick it into a plant, hang it on a door, display it on a window – whatever – your Valentine is sure to love it.

Green Valentine – Something’s Growing on Here

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away and I thought I’d post a few ideas to get things started. I try to make Valentines reusing, upcycling, recycling and repurposing stuff, but at the same time I try to make Valentines that don’t look reused, upcycled, recycled or repurposed. And it’s not difficult.

Here’s an idea for the Valentine that loves plants. A Valentine topiary! I recycled a wire coat hanger, a clay pot (I thoroughly cleaned), and a bit of ivy I cut from an ivy plant that’s overgrown. But be sure to use new potting soil.

Make a Valentine Topiary:

You’ll need an overgrown ivy plant (if you don’t have your own, ask a friend if you can cut some from theirs), a wire coat hanger, a clay pot (or any kind you have handy), and, oh yes, NEW potting soil. First twist or bend the hanger into a heart shape (it doesn’t have to be a perfect shape, the plant will cover it), stick the hook end into the potting soil, and then wrap the ivy around the wire form. Water and hand over.

So easy!

The image is mine!

Another use for wire coat hangers

Cold is over but my energy level is still pretty down so I’ve not done much lately. I’m working on an idea proposal for recyclables and this is taking up a lot of my time.

But, in the meantime, I spotted yet another idea for recycling a wire coat hanger – found it at the Ohhh…Mhhh blog. You could also use a plastic coat hanger but I’m sure the aesthetic would not be the same and a wooden one would maybe be too bulky.

Advent Calendars and Coat Hangers

I know, I know. I just realized Dec. 1 is only a day away (can’t get those Annie lyrics out of my head!!). So here are a couple of other neat Advent calendar ideas this time repurposing coat hangers and oh, yeah, branches.

This one is from Mari Eriksson over at Angel at my Table. She used an old wooden coat hanger using what appear to be small cup hooks to hold the Advent parcels. A bit finicky if you’re like me and insist on immediate results but, hey, the kids will love this one.

This next one is from the folks at by Fryd Design and they used a wire coat hanger to tie on their cute little Advent bundles. Just wrap the coat hanger in some old tree tinsel and tie on.

So – you say you don’t have a wooden or wire coat hanger to use? Well, a neat little tree branch is just the ticket. If you don’t have trees of your own, ask a neighbour if you can cut one from their tree. They shouldn’t mind, especially when you show them how you repurposed that branch. Cute little banners decorate the plain Jane parcels. This one comes from the blog englemor-hilde (unfortunately, this project has been removed from this site).

Not sure why, but I seem to be visiting a lot of Scandinavian sites. They sure know how to celebrate Christmas!!