Category: Green Sustainability

  • Brilliant Recycling

    As you probably have gathered if you’ve ever spent time on this blog that my criteria for recycling falls somewhere between the crafty and the practical. The projects that I really love to see are created by people like Rodney Allen Trice in New York. Trice’s T.O.M.T.™ website shows how elegant and professional looking discards […]

  • Recycling Magazines And Junk Mail Into Christmas Trees

    Have you ever seen those incredible My funky little Christmas trees made by recycling magazines, books, and junk mail are making the rounds here in Ottawa. My friend Sean will be making these and displaying them in the window of Britton’s magazine shop in the Glebe and a few days ago, when I showed the […]

  • Recycling Milk Cartons Into Boats

    Summer means sailing to me. Days spent on the river on our lovely sailboat, Zoordan, my daughter and her friends building sand castles on the beach and collecting clam shells to turn into ‘butterflies’. Making small toy sailboats to race from whatever material they could find. Lilla from Lilla Design makes really cute sailboats from […]

  • Tutorial: Upcycled Paper Bowl for Dad

    A perfect gift for Dad. This fabulous paper bowl is made entirely of recycled cardstock paper – no glue, no staples. It’s so elegant you may want to make several. Dad can use it to hold paper clips or other small office supplies; at home, he can toss in his keys and/or his extra coins […]

  • Recycle Wine Boxes for Father’s Day DIY project

    Our local LCBO (provincial-government liquor stores) sell off wood wine boxes and crates and gives the money to charity, so over the years I’ve assembled quite a collection which I use in many different ways. A few of these have been falling apart (the broken ones are free) so I cut them down into flower […]

  • Recycling Old Garden Rakes

    As my friends will tell you, I find it hard to walk by rubbish bins set out on the curb without taking at least a peek. If I spot something and don’t take it, I usually regret it. But this time, taking my usual evening stroll, I spotted on old garden rake minus its wooden […]

  • Recycling Clementine Orange Crates

    Okay, I’m a little tired of figuring out what to do with old clothes. Need a change of topic. I keep mismatched and orphan socks in a Clementine orange crate in my closet and decided that I’d see how many ways this little box can be recycled or reused. Well, there are dozens of ways. […]

  • Storing away Christmas

    Christmas is over and in a few days (or weeks) you will want to start the arduous task of dismantling the Christmas tree and putting away all the ornaments along with the leftover gift wrap, the ribbons and bows for another year. Here are a couple of tips to make it easy. Ornament Holder I […]

  • DIY: Recycle Cereal Boxes Into Christmas Village

    When my daughter was little, building a Christmas village full of charming houses and towns was a Christmas tradition. If you’ve got the time and patience, It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon or evening with the kids and is easy to do if you prepare things ahead of time. Let the kids help […]

  • More Christmas Wreath Ideas

    A friend asked me if I could come up with some easy-peasy wreath ideas besides that ones I’ve already posted. As well as watching her pennies, she didn’t want a traditional evergreen or pine cone wreath or any that were too complicated. Well, I can’t say that I came up with any original ideas but […]