Recycling Milk Cartons Into Boats

Summer means sailing to me. Days spent on the river on our lovely sailboat, Zoordan, my daughter and her friends building sand castles on the beach and collecting clam shells to turn into ‘butterflies’. Making small toy sailboats to race from whatever material they could find.

Lilla from Lilla Design makes really cute sailboats from milk cartons for her own kids. The instructions are in Swedish but you can use Google Translate to switch over to English. The pictures are so clear, however, you probably won’t have to.

This is a great way to give milk cartons a second life. If you use milk paint instead of traditional paint you can toss it in the recycle bin once the boats get too banged up to sail. You can make your own but, because the homemade recipe requires lime, I think it’s safer to just buy it. Ask your local paint shop if they carry it. Companies such as Farrow & Ball make milk paint so they should have it in stock. If not , you can buy it online sites such as The Real Milk Paint Co