Recycle Wine Boxes for Father’s Day DIY project

Our local LCBO (provincial-government liquor stores) sell off wood wine boxes and crates and gives the money to charity, so over the years I’ve assembled quite a collection which I use in many different ways. A few of these have been falling apart (the broken ones are free) so I cut them down into flower boxes for my balcony garden. The box ends, with the vintage year and origins of the wines the boxes once contained, are too pretty to throw out so these I have recycled into cutting boards. Once I’ve sanded these down, I’ll oil them with walnut oil to make them food-friendly.

To go with the cutting boards, I repurposed a couple miniature-sized vodka bottles (I got those from a nice gentlemen when I last flew to Edinburgh) into salt and pepper shakers (wash and dry first and then just punch a few holes into the caps with a nail and hammer). I intend to give both the cutting boards and shakers to some Dads who love getting stuff for their basement bars.