Recycling Old Garden Rakes

As my friends will tell you, I find it hard to walk by rubbish bins set out on the curb without taking at least a peek. If I spot something and don’t take it, I usually regret it. But this time, taking my usual evening stroll, I spotted on old garden rake minus its wooden handle on top of a neighbour’s bin. And I took it – so there!

Perfect for hanging up my collection of fishing poles, fish decoys and fishing net. Without the wooden handle, it was ready to hang up. If yours has the handle still attached, pull it out or cut it off. You can always use this as a rustic curtain rod!

There’s loads of other ways to use an old rake. For example, above, use it in the kitchen to hang your aprons and tea towels. Why not stash a rake on top of an entryway table or bill-paying desk and put it to work sorting incoming and outgoing mail?

Or why not use it to hold your wine glasses or cups.

It can be used to hold ties, belts and necklaces, too.

Here’s another one of my finds that I blogged about before. It’s an old leaf rake that I found and immediately knew it would make a smashing flower vase!

Do you have any more ideas?

Images 2, 3, & 4 are from my magazine clipping files and I don’t have a source. If one of these is yours or you know the source, please let me know.