Recycling Clementine Orange Crates

Okay, I’m a little tired of figuring out what to do with old clothes. Need a change of topic. I keep mismatched and orphan socks in a Clementine orange crate in my closet and decided that I’d see how many ways this little box can be recycled or reused.

Well, there are dozens of ways. Take a little peek.

Paint a box with chalkboard paint so your little ones can personalize or decorate a box and corral all their little treasures and tiny toys. The little box is lightweight and easy enough to carry from room to room. Just remember to remove any loose staples and to sand down the sides to prevent from bits of wood sticking out. By the way chalkboard paint is expensive and our lady Martha has a recipe for custom coloured chalkboard paint.

Help your little ones make doll beds.

Keep your bathroom essentials in one.

They’re stackable, so you can organize household papers: one for outgoing mail, one for bills, and one for receipts, takeout menus, and coupons.

Use them to stack homemade pies.

Turn them into garden containers. Grow anything from herbs, flowers, or grass in these containers. Transfer to garden when weather is warm enough. Wheatgrass looks spectacular as a centrepiece.

Serve a lunch snack in them.

And why not recycle that plastic netting that covers the orange crate. Once I’ve accumulated a few, I wrap the netting with an elastic band and use it as a bathtub or kitchen scrubber.

Need more ideas?