Storing away Christmas

Christmas is over and in a few days (or weeks) you will want to start the arduous task of dismantling the Christmas tree and putting away all the ornaments along with the leftover gift wrap, the ribbons and bows for another year. Here are a couple of tips to make it easy.

Ornament Holder

I saw an advert in a magazine for a plastic ornament holder that cost $42.00. Yes, it was clear, it had three trays which were stackable and it had a handle on top. But you can do better. Head straight for your plastic recycle bin and pull out those large plastic veggie containers. Once washed and dried out, they are perfect for storing your ornaments, etc. They’re clear, they’re strong, and they are stackable. If you want a handle, just wrap an old belt around the lot!

You can also use clear plastic egg cartons for small ornaments. If you don’t have any of these containers on hand, ask your neighbours and friends for theirs, but don’t tell they why you need these; otherwise, they’ll use the containers themselves!

Leftover Gift Wrap Storage

The simplest way to store leftover (or new – from the sales!!) gift wrap is in an empty cardboard paper tube. Slit the tube from end to end and slip the gift wrap inside. An added bonus: Next year it will be easier and neater to dispense the wrapping paper inside the tube.