Christmas Trees From Recycled Paper

After yesterday’s rant about cell phones, I thought it best to return to more festive topics. If you want to create a unique Christmas tree without the bother of needles all over the place, you can make them out of magazines, calendar books, even Post-it notes.

The above tree is tabletop size and can be created from an old Reader’s Digest, TV Guide, or small catalogue. It’s time-consuming but easy to make. Nice classroom project for kids.

Our lady Martha has instructions for this cute recycled magazine tree but for some reason she spray paints it and adds glitter (Martha loves her glitter!!). Not too green for sure, so please, please, please, don’t rush out and buy the stuff. The tree looks perfectly sweet without it.

My own version of this tree for the Ottawa Citizen is slightly different as I used a regular size magazine and mine has three tiers. Here are the instructions to make my version of these cute little trees.

On the other hand, if time and money are issues, here’s a really easy paper Christmas tree from Living, etc. magazine if you’ve got enough Post-it notes to recycle. It’s nice enough for home and office. Please reuse old Post-its or, if you are using new or unused ones, please reuse them after Christmas–don’t just chuck them. You don’t really need instructions for this tree, do you?

Another Living, etc. magazine Christmas tree, this one is my favourite and I plan on making one like it if I can get my hands on a date book or diary at Value Village or Goodwill shops.

Both images Living , etc.

It’s all fun!