Recycling Old Cutlery

If you’ve got some old cutlery that’s, well,cluttering up your drawers, why not recycle these into something useful and attractive. All you need is a hammer, pliers, and a bit of imagination. Oh, and maybe a good drill with a bit for drilling through metal!

Fork Picture or Art Easel

I made these fork art easels as wedding gifts a few years back and even sold a couple on Etsy! Not hard to do, but you do need a good strong pair of pliers to twist the tines of the fork as shown.

Cutlery and Basket Chandelier

An old apple picking basket and some old silverware make a pretty, country-style chandelier wherever you hang it. Drill a hole at the bottom of each utensil handle and wire it to the basket as shown. If the basket does not have a hole in the bottom (to put the light fixture through), you’ll have to drill a hole there as well. Instructions for wiring can be found here.

Fork Lift Kitchen Hooks

To create this handy hook, drill a small hole just below the prongs of the fork. Use pliers to curve the bottom of the fork. Next, secure the ‘hooks’ to the wall or moulding with a nail or screw.

Spoon and Fork Napkin Rings

These napkin rings are easy to do but you do need a bit of muscle to bash the fork or spoon flat. If you don’t have a rubber hammer, cover the head of your hammer with felt or a piece of thick cloth. Then bash away.

Next, hold the utensil face-up and use pliers to bend the fork prongs or spoon bowl back toward the handle, making sure to form a rounded C shape rather than a V.

Cutlery Wind Chimes

The easiest project as all you do is tie ribbon around the top of the handle (you can drill holes there if you want them more secure) and hang up in an open window. A friend in Provence has these placed in open windows to prevent birds from coming in.