5 Ways to Recycle Old Umbrellas

The day started with a fierce rain storm but after it stopped and the sun came out, I spotted this brolly up a tree. It seemed like a good idea to see what could be done with old umbrellas that didn’t survive nature’s wrath.
So if the wind and rain have caught up your favorite brolly and turned it inside out, here are a few ideas for recycling and reusing that old thing instead of tossing it into your bin box.

Create a chandelier. Recycle that old brolly into an original chandelier.
Reuse as a drying rack. An old umbrella makes a handy drying rack. Just strip off the fabric and hang the frame upside down from your shower bar. Attach wet clothing with clothespins.
Make a garden trellis. The umbrella’s shape, covered with flowers, will look terrific in the garden.
Make a sunshade from a cluster of old umbrella covers.
Create a fashion statement. Often the material portion of the umbrella is quite attractive and can be recycled into a pretty bag, skirt, or a rain coat for your pooch.

Check out my Suite 101e Recycling Umbrellas article for more ideas. Also go take a look at the recycling umbrella ideas at Maraaia Fura’s blog for more umbrella repurposing.

heck out Marraia Fura’s blog for more examples of what to do with old umbrellas.