Recycle A Book Into A Holiday Decoration

Here’s a quick and easy way to make a holiday ornament – just recycle a book into one. All you do is make a couple of folds and that’s it!  Mind you these may be a bit big for the tree. But they’ll make a grand statement wherever you put them.

What you will need: Rectangular paperback book (don’t choose a best seller or first edition – any old paperback will do)

Here’s how you make this bauble:

Step One

Remove the front and back covers of your paperback book and then fold the book back to break the spine (this makes it more flexible).

Step Two

Fold the top corner towards the opposite edge of the book to make a triangle.

Step Three

Now fold the bottom corner towards the centre of the page to make a smaller triangle. Make sure that it lines up with the other fold.

Step 4

Continue these folds until all the pages are folded.

Final Step

Now, the fun part—fan all the pages out. Use a paper clip to fasten the front and back pages together. The folded paperback will stand up. Just add a ribbon and put it somewhere everyone can admire it.