Thanksgiving Maple Leaf Wreath

Today is trash day in our neighbourhood and I watched as two enterprising guys hit the street before the city garbage trucks. One guy totally dismantled a discarded barbecue in about 5 minutes flat and stowed it away in the wooden wagon attached to his bike.

The other guy picked up an old (but – for me – still attractive) shed door and nonchalantly walked off with it. I rushed to get my camera to photograph them, but they both were so quick, that when I got back to the window, both had vanished. Had I dreamt all of it?? It was early (5:30 am), so I’m not entirely sure.

It’s Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada so here’s my little idea for a welcoming wreath. It’s made of leaves from my front yard and a wire coat hanger stretched into a circle. I glued the leaves on and it only took a few minutes. And no, I didn’t bother pressing the leaves.