Brilliant Recycling

As you probably have gathered if you’ve ever spent time on this blog that my criteria for recycling falls somewhere between the crafty and the practical. The projects that I really love to see are created by people like Rodney Allen Trice in New York. Trice’s T.O.M.T.™ website shows how elegant and professional looking discards like turning an abandoned walker into a retro bar table.

Today I came across a Swiss website, Atelier V, that shows the same professionalism and elegance but with a zany touch that gets you laughing out loud. This group of creatives seem to enjoy making stuff we normally toss into fun and useful objects. Take a look at what they’ve done with an umbrella covering – now it’s a barber’s cape.

Or how about bunting?

What about the rest of the umbrella? How about a chandelier?? Check out the rest of their projects repurposing a salad spinner and rubber boots. Oh, and take a look at their very silly tongue-in-cheek videos and also selected projects from their book. Buy the book! I certainly intend to.