Recycling Magazines And Junk Mail Into Christmas Trees

Have you ever seen those incredible

My funky little Christmas trees made by recycling magazines, books, and junk mail are making the rounds here in Ottawa. My friend Sean will be making these and displaying them in the window of Britton’s magazine shop in the Glebe and a few days ago, when I showed the gals at High Jinx at 621 Somerset Street how easy they were to make. When I left the shop, both were busily folding magazine pages.  It’s a very soothing craft and can be done while watching your favourite shows, making a call, or even waiting for a bus (although admittedly you might get a few odd looks).

If you want to learn how to make these and other delightful (and low cost) Christmas decorations, come to my Christmas workshops. I have one tonight at the Daily Grind Art Cafe on Somerset Street and will be holding 3 workshops starting on Nov. 17 at the Bloom Artisan Boutique on York Street.

The ‘trees’ shown were made from magazines, junk mail, and old books.