Recycling Information You May Not be Aware Of

During the 1980s and the 1990s, a lot of towns across America made it mandatory to recycle goods in the home, and the town would hand out the proper recycling bins to its residents. However, the cost of checking and separating this material made it a project that died on the vine pretty quickly. But just because it’s not economically feasible for “Any Town USA” to have a recycling operation, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still do your part to recycle.

Why is it important that you recycle your glass products? Well, you have to first understand that the process of making glass from sand burns a lot more energy than recycling the material. Plus there’s the fact that recycling your glass means that there’s less glass in the parks and roadways and in natural habitats around the world. Even though sand is in abundance, recycling glass is still environmentally sound.

A lot of people realize that making plastic isn’t all that harmful to the environment. When chemicals are properly disposed of and when waste is filtered correctly, it can be a green process. However, you also have to consider those six-pack holders that kill birds and fish. You have to consider that, for every piece of trash you’re not recycling, it has to find it’s place on the planet. Plastic can take decades or longer to break down.

The process of making metal is literally like operating on the earth. For precious metals, we all know the horrors that happen in undeveloped nations when men with mining equipment set out to strip resources. And it doesn’t get much prettier for copper, nickel, and even steel and aluminum. Mining deep into the ground, using chemicals, burning carbon; it’s a mess.

Perhaps the main reason to ensure that you’re recycling batteries or using rechargeable batteries is that these items are extremely harmful to the environment when improperly disposed of. Acid can leak and enter town water supplies, gardens, native habitats, etc, and the consequences can be dire.

There’s a lot of material within your electronic devices that can be reused when recycled. Modern electronics use things like copper and silver to conduct electricity. And while the amounts may be minuscule, recycling still means that there’s less mining going on to produce new material. If anything, you’re ensuring the proper disposal of your garbage.

One of the most popular ways to make paper on the planet has always been to use wood. This means trees give their lives for the paper you’re writing on. Plus it takes a whole lot of chemicals to create this paper. Recycling this paper helps you to keep the process a lot cleaner and safer.

Always be sure to check around your home to find other items that can be recycled. You might even be throwing out some common items without realizing it. For instance, those canned items with labels on them are still made of aluminum and should be recycled. Paper from tea bag wrappers and other such packages can be recycled.

Even if you’re not being rewarded for recycling, you should still find pride in the fact that the planet is benefiting greatly from your decision. A few extra seconds spent separating garbage can literally make a world of difference.

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