EZ Battery Reconditioning Reviews A Cleaner Planet

Batteries are a big problem in society. They cost us a fortune, don’t last long, and then far too many end up in landfill where they then do the most damage. We all know we should probably be using rechargeable alternatives instead, but the fact is they’re expensive and inconvenient.

With reusable equivalents typically costing upwards of twice the amount of single use cells, it’s often something we promise ourselves we’ll invest in later, yet that future purchase rarely materializes. What’s more, even if you do use a rechargeable battery instead, they seem to run flat far quicker, die just at the most inconvenient moment, and then take hours to charge up to a useful state again.

There’s got to be a better way hasn’t there?

Of course, in some cases batteries are totally unnecessary. Using a battery powered radio is a terrible waste of resources and money at home when you could just use a normal plug in one.

Our mobile devices are a great example of properly thought through batteries – they last us years and are convenient to regularly plug in and top up. In face, with iPhone being the most popular handset on the planet, it speaks volumes that the batteries aren’t user serviceable – you need professional help to safely replace them. Apple even offer an in store service to do so affordably.

It’s a shame that other devices haven’t kept pace. Remote controls and kids toys spring to mind as culprits that single-handedly create a mountain of dead single use batteries, so what is the solution?

One possibility may be to have charging stations that work in a similar fashion to phones. Games console controllers have started to be very successful with these accessories, which get their power from the console itself via the USB port – it’s not perfect but at least it avoids the owner binning a couple of AA batteries every week.

A more long term solution is to get a longer use from the batteries we buy. You may have seen the term reconditioning used in relation to car batteries – it basically means carrying out a little work on them to make them last a lot longer. It’s a bit of a secret that not many people know about, and the big battery producers would much rather stays that way.

You can learn more about these techniques from Tom & Frank and their eBook at their ezbatteryreconditioning.review website. I’m not sure it’s going to make a huge difference to the billions of dead batteries that get thrown out every year, but it’s an interesting concept as a starting point. Perhaps they could run a business collecting them all up and selling them on at a discount. I’m sure that might start a shift in behavior and help the message to spread about the damage batteries are doing in landfill.

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