World Environment Day - Recycling Plastic Jars

Posted on June 5, 2017 at 3:05 PM

Today is World Environment Day - I guess the idea is to stop and think about what we are doing to the planet and maybe think twice about what we personally can do to stop things from getting worse. I choose plastic peanut butter jars as my project for the day because I'm sure we all have a few similar plastic containers in our recycling bins. Why not give them a new life - at least for the short term? I'm actually making these for my little guy. 

I like using plastic containers for kids' projects for a couple of reasons: first, they are lightweight and easy for little ones to carry and, two, unlike glass jars, are unbreakable, so no worries on that score.

NOTE: The only purchase for these projects was a package of preserve jar snap lids and rings. I got mine at Home Hardware for around $5.00 for 12. I didn't need the lids but these can be turned into drinks coasters and also useful in the garden if you string a bunch together to rattle in the breeze and keep away birds!!

Make a Night Light

I created a night light for my little guy by using a recycled solar powered light. To make it more fun, I added a couple of his miniature airplanes inside. The only purchase was the metal ring used on preserve jars. The leather thong handle is actually a shoe lace from an old shoe.

Nature Jar 01 - Capture and Release

This jar was made to hold water samples from the stream near our home and from the seashore. To enable air circulation I glued a bit of netting recycled from a plastic net bag that once held store-bought garlic cloves. If you don't have this type of netting handy, you can use window screen repair kit. Use the snap lid as a template so that the screen can fit inside the lid.

I also glued some little stones on the bottom so the jar was balanced when empty. Once the little guy's had a chance to examine, photograph and/or draw what we capture in the jar, he will return the critters, etc. back to the sea or stream.

Nature Jar No. 2 - Capture and Release

If you don't know who Gerald Durrel was, you should look his books up at your local library. He wrote some very critical and also very funny books about how he got started. Anyway, the third jar is meant for collecting butterflies, insects and bugs. I add a twig for insects to rest on and some moss for the more shy critters. Again I glued a piece of netting inside the metal preserve ring for air circulation. And again, every bug or insect collected will be set free.

Sippy Cups

And don't forget my original use for these BPA free plastic containers: Sippy cups. Details here.

So - what are you doing for World Environment Day.



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