DIY Mother's Day

Posted on April 26, 2016 at 11:35 AM

With Mother's Day just a few weeks away, why not make a few things that she would adore (after all, you made them!). Here are a few ideas that I have made for my own Mom (and my daughter who is a Mom, too!).

Let's Wrap Again!

Instead of a humdrum box of chocolates, surprise your Mom with this sweet treat, featuring her favourite photos wrapped around chocolate bars. Easy to do. Remove the wrapping from her favourite bars and measure each one. Next choose your photographs, scan and crop so that these are the same size as the chocolate bar wrapping. Wrap a photo around each bar, and tape or glue at the back of the bar. Be sure to make extra - Mom will want to share!

Top That!

Mom will smile for days when you present her with this cute cupcake (homemade or store-bought) with its vintage topper. To make the topper, copy images from vintage sewing patterns or use images from magazines or your family photographs. Scan the images and then print on card-weight paper (or do as I do, copy image on recycled paper and glue to cardboard). Next, cut out the image, then glue or tape toothpicks on the back of each topper. Insert in a cupcake and serve. Yummy!

Bottle Up

Forget humdrum (and expensive) roses. Instead, head for your local grocery store and pick out a few flowers that you know Mom is fond of. When you get home, raid the recycle bin for suitable bottles, plastic or glass. Wash these thoroughly and dry. Add a bit of water to each bottle 'vase' and plunk in a flower. Group these 'vases' on a pretty plate and finish off with a pretty ribbon tied in a bow. The cost will be minimal but the impact will last for days.

Daffed about You!

Another super easy but low-cost idea for Mom. Again, head for your local grocery store and check out the overgrown daffodils and tulips stuck in the back of the flower department section. The flowers and plants here usually cost very little. Buy one with the best looking blossoms and, at home, remove from the container and wash off the soil from the bulb and roots. Write 'Mom' or her name on a paper label and tie to the flower. Put this on a pretty plate at her breakfast (or dinner place setting and you're done!

Note: When the flower has dried up, cut the stem down and place the bulb in a cool, dark place (such as your cellar) over winter. You can replant the bulbs in your garden in the fall to bloom again next spring.

All these ideas are easy-peasy, low-cost, fast, but look like a million bucks (at least to Mom).

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