Earth Day Project - Plastic Jar Recycling

Posted on April 18, 2016 at 2:15 AM

In my second Earth Day project, I've recycled plastic jars into sippy cups for kids. Yes, I know, you can purchase Mason (or canning) jars versions at about $4.99 each (then you have to buy the sippy lid!). If you're a DIYer, there are oodles of online tutorials to make these glass versions as well.


However, I wanted to be sure that the little guy and his pals had more kid-friendly sippy cups - light-weight, unspillable, and unbreakable if accidentally dropped. So I thought I'd repurpose my empty (and clean) stack of PET plastic jars that originally contained organic mayonaise into my version of a kid's sippy drinks cup.

How to Make a Plastic Sippy Cup:

All you need are three things: a PET plastic jar, a milk or juice carton, and a metal canning jar ring. You can buy these rings at any hardware or food supply shop. I got mine at Home Hardware for $5.99 for a pack of 12. Note: Save the original lid of the plastic jar to use as a cookie cutter!

To make: First roughly cut out the cap/spout part of a fruit or milk carton, then using the canning jar ring for the template cut the cutout into a round shape so that it fits inside the ring. That's it. Your kids can add their names to the jars and/or decorate them with felt pens.

Fill the sippy cup with your kid's favourite beverage and plunk in a straw. When the cap is put on, it makes the sippy cup unspillable. Not bad, eh!

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