Recycling Socks - Stick Horses

Posted on March 31, 2016 at 10:35 AM

I promised myself a few days away from blogging, workshops, and crafting, but, before I head out into the sunrise, I found this cute (and very eco) way to recycle old woolen socks. Always popular toys with the little ones, stick or hobby horses go way back at least to the 16th century. Earlier versions were carved in wood (and fetch high prices at auctions) but I think the sock ones came about because a mom somewhere came up with the lone sock version for her little Hoppalong.  

Anyway, after discovering this charming stable of keppilhevoset (that's stick horse to you and me) on this Finnish knitter blog, Mummo, I decided I could make one for the little guy. Just have to find a suitable sock and I'm all set.

Here's the original Mummo post - no instructions. As I mentioned, Mummo's blog is in Finnish but, if you are interested in making one or two yourself, I found a couple of tutorials for these adorable little stick ponies.

Karen over at Desert Chica has a post of of her sons making one, I guess to show us how easy it would be. Click here for her tutorial. 

Another very good tutorial is posted by Heather at the Chickabug blog.

Both have great photos showing how to put this wee neigh sayer together. So start horsing around!


Categories: DIY, Fabric & Textiles

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