Christmas Recycling - Delivery Truck Fleet

Posted on December 21, 2015 at 4:20 PM

This past weekend I designed and made my final Christmas kits - Fleets of Delivery Trucks, using milk and juice cartons (empty and cleaned out, of course). These little trucks are intended to keep little ones busy during the day on Christmas Eve or during the days between Christmas and New Year's. I made over 30 of these - believe me it took a lot of milk and juice cartons. Besides my own contribution, I asked neighbours for any they had - and, boy, did they deliver!

As the trucks are intended for kiddies age 7 and under, I did the majority of work in constructing each 'truck' since using utility knives and other sharp tools was involved - something even I try to avoid. I also added the 'wheels' (made from plastic lids). Each child gets a fleet of three that they can share with any guests. And it's up to them on how to decorate (and use) these little trucks.

Most kids have ample art supples somewhere at home but during this time of year when everything is so hectic, I try to save the parents some time by filling up each truck kit with small containers of washable acrylic paint, glue, brushes, washable felt pens and/or crayons, and washi tapes. The colours of the paint  and washi tapes varies to give kids some choice in which ones they want to use - what I really mean is that I supply what I find on sale at my local hardware store. It's sometimes surprising what is squirreled away in odd corners of the shop but I always manage to find something interesting. 

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