Last Minute Halloween Upcycling

Posted on October 30, 2015 at 4:20 PM

A friend called me yesterday evening for last minute Halloween ideas. As a working mom she had little time to whip up a costume and no time to hit the shops for something her child would like. And, oh, yes, Sylvie needed a trick or treat container as there was nothing suitable in the house.

Little Sylvie is a bigtime magic fan so I thought that a magician costume would be perfect. Luckily she's got the cape and the magician's wand- all that was needed were a few accessories, including a moustache and bowtie which Sylvie insisted every proper magician could not do without. 

Fortunately, Sylvie and her mom had almost everything we needed in their recycling bin. I alsow brought along a few items from my own bin. When I arrived, we set to work. We made the little top hat using a cardboard paper towel roll and cardboard from a cereal box. The hat band is actually a paper straw cut open and flattened. The paper bowtie and glasses (instead of a mask) were made using templates I found online and the moustache was cut out freehand from a bit of fuzzy fabric and backed with double-sided tape. 

Next up was the trick or treat pail for Sylvie to use when she and Mom went trick and treating tomorrow evening. This is the before and after shot. The pail is actually a plastic coffee container and the handle is a wire coat hanger (of course!). 

While we were waiting for the paint to dry on the pail, Sylvie's mom asked if I had any ideas for some decorations we could make. I thought that a rosette garland using pages from a discarded paperback and cutouts from some wrapping paper I brought. The garland would decorate their windows and the front door. Sylvie cut out the skull illustrations out of wrapping paper while we adults folded. Then we all assembled the rosettes, attaching each one to length of a jute twine. 

Except for the paint, glue, and tape, everything we made came from discards in the recycling bin. All you need is a bit of imagination (or desperation!).

TIP: The trick to making rosettes quickly is to stack several pages together - 3 or 4 depending upon paper thickness - and fold all together. Easy-peasy! By the way, once Halloween is over, the garland can be reused for Christmas by simply removing the skull images.

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