Micha Fohl Revisited - How to Recycle Wood

Posted on September 10, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Micha Fohl is a German designer who has an artist's intuitive appreciation of what most of us consider to be rubbish. For example, he takes the tiniest pieces of wood - leftover, perhaps from a renovation project - and instead of tossing those itty-bitty bits out, Micha transforms these into enchanting Lilliputian 'houses'. The little buildings he creates are adorned only with a nail and a bit of paper (forming a window) which only just adds to their charm. A child's imagination will take care of the rest.

He manages to transform even the teensiest bits of wood into a tiny village complete with nail and wire 'telephone' poles linking each building. What more could a little kid want? Heck, this adult would love this village.

For the little houses click here.

For the little wood village, click here.

To explore all of Micha's work here. You'll love what he does with a old key!

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