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Recycling Plastic Containers - Water Play

Posted on August 24, 2017 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

If you've got a stash of plastic yoghurt and other similar containers in your recycling bin, why not put them to good use and have your little ones enjoy some 'science guy' time.  Water play is a fun activity that let's your kids enjoy experimenting with water. This is one activity that can go on for some time - you may have to replenish the water occasionally but that's all. 

All you need are the plastic containers and water - and, oh yes, somewhere where you don't mind getting a little wet - the balcony or patio. You can also add some kitchen tools such as a turkey baster, frozen pop molds, and funnels. When the kids get a little older, you can have them experiment with food colouring as well.

While the kiddies play, you can sit back and enjoy a little quiet time.

Recycling Broken Crayons

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Kids love colouring with crayons (and so do some adults!) but often these become too small to use or get broken up into small unusable bits. Still it would be a shame to discard these when you can melt them down to make one large mult-coloured crayon. It's easy to do. All you need are the crayons and a muffin or mini-cake tin. The fancier your baking tin, the fancier the crayon melt will be but all I had were plain muffin tins. Note you can also use those silicon baking trays.

Here's What You Do

  1. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees. While they wait for the oven to warm up, your kids can arrange the pieces in the tins. ( I actually didn't preheat the oven. I had baked a cake and once I turned off the oven, I realized it was still hot so I plunked my muffin tin with the crayon bits into the oven. Two hours later, the crayons had melted.) 
  2. But if you are preheating, once the oven has heated up, place your tin with the crayons inside for 15 to 20 minutes. (I didn't do this as I was baking a cake and after removing it from the oven (and turning it off), I simply placed the tin with the crayons inside the warm oven and left these there until the oven cooled).
  3. Once the crayon shapes have cooled, remove them from the tin. If they stick, place the tin in the freezer for an hour or so and the crayons will pop out. 

Told you it was easy. These crayon melts are a great idea if you're taking the kids on a road trip or to an appointment where you have to wait some time. All you need to bring is one crayon melt per child as each crayon has multiple colours. 

Recycling Glass & Plastic Bottle Ideas

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A neighbour stopped by with a box full of itty-bitty clear glass bottles and asked if I could use them. As soon as I saw these adorable little containers I instantly imagined a fun Halloween idea for each one. But you'll have to wait to see what I'll be coming up with.

Hint: One of the jars shows a possibility!

Another neighbour brought me over some plastic and glass bottles and asked if I could find a use for them. I promptly placed a flower in each one and corralled them all on a vintage pewter charger, all tied up with a green ribbon. I returned these to my astonished neighbour who wondered why she hadn't thought of this idea herself. 

Possibilities are everywhere - we just have to be lucky enough to notice them.

DIY Project - The Art of Kokedama Gardening

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Have you ever heard of kodedama - Japanese moss balls? This is a variant of bonsai where you wrap plants in moss instead of plunking them in pots. I decided to try it to see exactly how feasible it actually is. I wanted to know how to display it, how to water it, etc.?? Good questions, don't you think? Traditionally these little moss balls which are held together with thin florist wire, are displayed as mini hanging gardens hung from the ceiling - somewhere not too sunny as too much light turns the moss brown.

This project was very easy (a little messy) and took very little time. And since I have nowhere to hang these little moss balls and realizing that watering might prove a problem, I decided just to place the three I made on a vintage silver tray. I added stones to provide a bit of texture. Watering is easy as all I have to do is add enough to cover the stones and the moss balls suck up the water quickly. After a week my plants are thriving. This arrangement looks absolutely charming as a table centrepiece when I add a few tealights. 

IDEA: To make this all you need is some moss, florist wire, and a little plant. Nice business idea for someone who likes imaginative gardening. 

Try it - you might like it. For the how-tos, click here.