Earth Day Recycling Fun

Posted on April 21, 2017 at 4:55 PM

If you think the whole of idea of recycling is too much work and no fun, you may want to think again. Take a lesson from kids, for example. When my daughter was little, she often preferred the box that her gift came in to the gift itself. Something we should all consider because it's often the little things actually make the difference and each one of us can at least consider that one little thing we can do each day and even have a little fun in the process.

Since I'm holding workshops on the day (with a little help), we had an early Earth Day at our place. We all scoured the cupboards and closets and the recycling bin for stuff and challenged each other to recycle what we found in fun (and useful) ways. We unearthed (no pun intended) old paperback books, unused glass ware, loo rolls, drinking straws washed and saved from smoothies and lattes, twist tops from milk and juice cartons, and plastic milk jugs were some of our materials.

And here's what we did:

Balloon-powered Racers

Okay, we cheated a little here, the balloons are new. We did have fun racing these in our apartment building hallway!

Map Gift Wrap

All this from an old torn up map - envelopes, gift wrap, paper boat, map covered notebooks and pencils, even buttons. All perfect material for a party or for gift giving. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Glassware Cake Stands

Unused glassware and plates merged into these cute little cake stands. Miss Piggy would approve.

Hanging Gardens

Kids really love this type of gardening - I think they like the idea of being able to move the plants around. Anyway, we did cheat a little here and used grocery store herbs instead of waiting for seeds to sprout. But it shows that anyone can have a garden no matter how small a place they've got.

Sprouting Eggs

You can start a garden in anything. These little sprouts can go directly into your garden or garden container. Just remember to crush the eggshell slightly so the roots can get out.

Hope your Earth Day is special and keep on recycling all year round.

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