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Frugal Halloween Decorating

Posted on October 20, 2017 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Here's a fun and frugal idea way to create little treat boxes for any little Halloween visitors and it's almost all from your recycling bin! I got the idea when I pinched a discarded candy display case from a local store (I get most of my cardboard boxes there!!).

First I took some cardboard paper towel rolls (I don't like using cardboard toilet rolls for obvious reasons) and cut them in half. Next I cut circles of cardboard slightly larger in diameter than the diameter of the cardboard rolls and glued these to the bottoms of the rolls. Then I filled each little container with Halloween treats. To top the containers, I cut out circles of black paper 1/2" larger than the diameter and secured them to the top of the containers with string. If you find the tops difficult to place, use any extra cupcake liners you have on hand and use an elastic band to keep the liners on. The final step was to glue on some downloaded labels.

Kids Halloween Workshop

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The Halloween workshop for kids at the JPRA was a success even though more kids showed up than I had planned for. We made bat necklaces using cardboard along with drinking straw necklaces. By far the most popular project were these 'rosettes' decorating pencils. 

Because the time for this workshop was only an hour, I came up with the idea to use cupcake liners to create the rosettes to decorate pencils - no folding or cutting required. To ensure that the rosettes kept their shape, a small piece of cardboard was inserted between the liners.

Halloween Rosette Workshop

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The Halloween Rosette Workshop was a sellout with some really creative participants. We had a great time at Pot and Pantry making rosettes for Halloween decorating.

We had so much fun in fact that I am planning another (albeit different) for early November.

Natural Thanksgiving Decor

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Thanksgiving is just a few days away and if you haven't succumbed to buying faux decorations at the dollar store, fear not. I have a few ideas that make use of nature's freebies. For example, the basket above makes for a great centrepiece or hall table decoration. It's easily made by simply winding together vines. I have a neighbour who cuts down his vines at this time of year and I always get some for decorating purposes. This year a friend of mine put the basket together. He used a wire coat hanger to create frame for the bottom 'wreath' and then built up the handles freestyle. Cost? Just a couple of hours creating.

Something to dress up the back yard. I don't recall the name of this plant - they look a little like tiny pumpkins. I simply plunked a bunch of these twigs into one ofmy vintage sap buckets et voila. 

Light up your hallway table, dinner table or mantel with this garland. String Chinese Lanterns seed pods (Physalis) into garlands instead of traditional autumn leaves. Simple insert a light bulb of string lighting into each lantern and you're done.

They last a long time and work both for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Your welcome.