Christmas Wreaths - Traditional Real and Faux

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I get the distinct impression a few of you are impatient for Christmas ideas and wreaths are at the top of the list. I spotted a few winners online and hope you enjoy them. I'm smitten by the one above but could not find attribution or instructions for it. I believe it is cedar (??) and oh, so gorgeous. I have tried to find wreaths that come with instructions and/or tutorials as well as lots of photos to inspire even novices to try making their own.

Tradtional Balsam Fir and Pine Wreath

I found this traditional balsam fir and pine wreath over at Fynes Designs. Virginia, the owner of this blog, has a really good tutorial for making a traditional balsam fir and pine wreath and also provides ideas for decorating your creations.

For her how-tos, click here.

If you don't have all the tools you need for making a similar wreath, do what I always do - substitute! If I don't have a wire wreath base (and I never do), I use wire coat hangers. To attach the materials to the base, I don't go out and buy floral wire - I save and use those pesky wire closures you get with store-bought baked goods and veggies - very bad for the environment. Before using, I remove the paper or plastic covering these and there they are - free wire fasteners!

No wire coat hangers? No problem - use wooden embroidery or quilt hoops instead. Kim Purvis, behind the blog, Made in a Day, shows you how to wire up a quilt hoop but the same instructions work for an embroidery hoop.

No embroidery or quilt hoops? Raid your kid's toys and haul out that no longer used hoola hoop. You can make a spectacular wreath with this. No instructions for this wreath idea but the instructions for the quilt hoop will work here as well.

Look, you don't need to spend money on wreath materials, instead head for your local farmer's market and find the guy that sells holiday trees. Often, to make the trees more attractive and symmetrical, bottom and side branches are cut off. Ask if you help the seller out by removing these for him/her. They'll probably be happy for you to do just that. And look, no cost to you.

Get the idea?

Traditional Faux Wreath

If you have an artificial wreath on hand perhaps from last year, why not spruce it up with this idea from our lady Martha? This was featured in her Martha Living magazine (Dec. 14/Jan. 15 edition). First remove whatever decorations there are on your original wreath and substitute with decorations you have on hand or raid the kids' toy box again. Little cars or trucks or popular toy figuires would loo fabulous.

Add a bit of quilt batting and you're done. Get the kids to help out since this is probably their wreath anyway! Here are Martha's instructions.

Traditional Pine Cone Wreaths

Pine cone wreaths are very popular and last a long time. Often the cones are free for the taking in local parks or woods. Felicia Kramer over at her blog has very clear instructions for making your own pine cone wreath.

Click here for her tutorial.

For a second version, I really liked this one that was featured on the Sunset magazine blog. I found the photo via My Home Ideas but the instructions are here

Tomorrow, non-traditional wreaths!

Christmas Workshop - Starry, Starry Night

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At this Christmas Star Making Workshop, participants will learn two methods to create 3D stars from recycled material and the shown how they can turn their creations into wreaths, garlands, tree decorations, card, and hangings. As always, participants will be shopping their (and my) recycling bins and cupboards for materials rather than hitting the mall shops.

Should be fun. 

Charlie Brown Christmas tree

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Too pooped to post anything as I spent the day preparing photos to accompany my Christmas articles. Here's a little something I thought you might enjoy. 

I love the whole Peanuts gang - Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Schroeder, and especially Charlie's little Christmas tree which this one resembles.

Photo via Anne Sage

Christmas Card Recycling from BHG

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I don't know about you but I still get quite a few Christmas cards in the mail and enjoy receiving them even though e-cards are more eco-friendly. Besides, coming up with ideas to recycle them is one way of keeping the kids busy while you make your hoilday preparations. 

Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) has oodles of ideas and how-to projects for recycling holiday cards. These little card trees are similar to those over at Stone and Rose that I blogged about yesterday but a little easier to make.

And I simply love these little decorative houses made from cards. For complete instructions for these and other card recycling projects, visit BHG. For house templates, go here.

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