A New Year, A New Start

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Just before leaving for Edinburgh for Christmas with my family, I came down with a whopper of a cold and couldn't make the trip. Thanks goodness for Skype so I could at least enjoy the festivities and stay in touch with my loved ones. Happily, a few of my friends rallied round with chicken soup and hot rum toddies so I was not left on my own. As a gift to them, I designed and made a calendar for each one with some inspirational words. Earlier this last year, I came across a box bursting with small clipboards outside a shop that had closed down. I, of course, lugged the box home and then had promptly forgot about it. Since I needed some way to hold the calendar months together, I thought of the clipboards. And voila, here they are ...

The neat thing (at least I think so) about these calendars is that once the year is over, you can flip the sheets over and you've got a notebook! I actually enjoyed finding the appropriate quotes for each recipient and found myself so inspired that I made one for me!!

Since I can't send a calendar to all my faithful followers, I will at least send you the best wishes for a very Happy (and prosperous) New Year. Stay healthy and, if you too starting something new, remember it's always seems impossible until it's done (Nelson Mandela said that).


What to recycle for New Year's eve decorations

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Oh, I know, Christmas hasn't even happened yet and I'm blathering on about New Year's eve. Well, once Christmas is over, how are you going to keep the kids busy? And if you're skint now from all that heavy-duty Christmas shopping, wouldn't it be nice to know that you can save time and money with home-made New Year's eve decorations?

What's in your recycle bin?

Before starting on your decorations, take a gander around the house to round up anything you can recycle into decorations for your party table. Check your recycling bins for cardboard tubes from gift-wrapping or paper towels. Also see if you’ve got any leftover Christmas gift-wrap, paper napkins, ribbons, and tape.

What You Can Make from your Recycling Bin

Streamers, party poppers (i.e., crackers), noisemakers, blowers, hats, and favours can all merge from your recycling bin. Here are a few sites with instructions on how to make any or all of these decorations.

Martha's Offerings:

How to make party blowers

How to make party hats

How to make favours

Better Homes and Gardens:

How to make party poppers

How to make noisemakers


How to make a paper crown hat

A Word About Balloons

Balloons are a big part of New Year’s festivities and are a very cheap way to decorate your home for the big party. Look for latex balloons that are coloured with water-based inks. Blow them up with a balloon or bicycle pump. Once the balloons are popped, gather up all the bits and pieces and recycle them in your compost.

Ciao for now.