Plastic Bag Christmas Wreath

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When I was little, we used to make these plastic wreaths out of green plastic trash bags that we sold at Christmas to family and friends to raise money for school outings. They are still fun(and oh so easy) to make if you have plastic bags you would like to recycle. The complete wreath will last forever (unless someone pinches as happened to me a couple of time when I decorated the garage doors with them!!).

Of course I wouldn't dream of going and buying plastic bags for this project (I recycle, remember?). Instead I used four clear plastic dry cleaning bags that I scrounged from the neighbours and friends and a wire coat hanger stretched into a circle form.

As I said, these wreaths are really simple to make and you can even get your own kids to help out. The following are instructions for making the wreath out of clear dry cleaning bags, but you can use whatever plastic bags (e.g., bread or produce bags??) you have on had. You'll just have to adjust how many bags you will need.

What you need: 3 to 4 plastic dry cleaning bags (if you have to use plastic bread bags, you will need about 20 to 30 bags), one wire coat hanger and scissors

How to do it: NOTE: You may get a lot of static when cutting the plastic strips so work somewhere you don't want to find bits of plastic when you're done.

  1. First, bend the wire coat hanger into a circle (doesn't have to be perfect) and set aside.
  2. Next, cut the plastic bags into strips 1/2″ wide and about 5-6″ long. Don't worry about getting the strips perfect - the wreath actually looks better when the strips aren't perfectly cut.
  3. When you've cut out all the strips, take a one and tie it around the wire circle.
  4. Keep doing this with all the strips until the wreath is fully covered.
  5. Fluff the finished wreath up a bit to add volume.

For added sparkle, I pulled a copper wire scouring pad apart and decorated my wreath with it. I made the star garland using empty cereal boxes and glued these to more of the copper wire.

That's it.

Recycling Magazines

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 I've blogged about recycling magazines before and here are a few more ways.

You can make gift bags, tags, greeting cards, and matching envelopes. The tools needed are what we all have around the house or are easily accessible: scissors, pencils, rulers, glue stick and, of course, magazines.

You can make gift boxes from magazine covers. There are, of course, dozens of other ways to recycle (or I should say upcycle) magazines from beads to Christmas trees. All how-tos can be found online, so go search!

Did I mention that any leftover magazine bits and bobs can be shredded and used as filler in mailing parcels or even confett?. By the way, if you have no magazines, junk mail, old maps, even paper bags work just as well.

50 ways to recycle plastic grocery bags

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Here I thought I was a super duper recycling queen when it came to recycling plastic grocery bags. Let's see, I make bangles from plastic bags, wreathsplarn (plastic yarn) line my bins with them, use them to protect my cashmere sweaters in the freezer (summers only), and clean them up to reuse over and over again. I've also highlighted Heal the Bay's short film The Majestic Plastic Bag that traces the life of the ubiquitous plastic bag.

The clever folks at Web Design Schools Guide site have me beat with their 50 ways to recycle bags.

Play Dough Christmas Tags

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Kids love working with play dough and you can take advantage of this by having them create lovely smelling gift tags with this dough.



Once you've prepared the play dough (I added a tablespoon of cocoa and a teaspoon of cinnamon for brown colour and a nice scent to the recipe), just roll it out and hand the kids some cookie cutters Bake the cut-outs. For the 'icing', add white powder paint (or use rice flour) to craft glue, mix well, and pour this into baggies. Close the opening and cut off one corner of the baggie so the kids can squeeze out the decorative icing. Don't forget to put a hole at the top of the 'tags' before baking so you can insert a ribbon.


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