Recycling Cardboard Boxes for Christmas

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Want to save money on packaging up your gifts this year? Here are a few ideas:

If you need boxes for your Christmas holiday gifts, don't go and buy them. You can pick up clean, empty boxes from your local shops so don't be shy. Get out there and ask!!

No gift wrap left over from last year's Christmas? You can pick up plain brown kraft paper at your local post office for under $3.00! Best part, you can use it year round for any occasion.

Why not create your own gift tags to match your packaging. You can pretty them up with any leftover ribbon. By the way, I used images culled from my collection of Dover Publications and also from the Graphics Fairy. In both cases, the images are copyright free. 

Recycling Ikea Cardboard

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I recently got delivery of two new Hyliss shelving units from Ikea - about $15.00 each CDN - which I love because they are light enough for me to move around should I decide to redecorate. Anyway after the usual kerfunkle putting the shelving together - never an easy task - I was left with some cardboard that had held the shelving bits in place during transport. 

DIY Desktop Organizer

I made this desktop paper organizer from the Ikea cardboard shown above on the left. I glued two of these together and then covered both with leftover gift wrap. I could have used almost anything including wallpaper leftovers (don't have any), old maps, even brown paper bags or paint. Anyway, it's an idea that's easy-peasy. Note that I glued a bit of cardboard at the bottom to keep it from falling over.

More Christmas Advent Calendars to Make

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Here are a few more Christmas Advent calendars you might enjoy looking at (maybe, even making!). The nicest ones I've come across seem to alll be from Europe - Germany, Spain, Netherlands. Anyway, here they are.




Each of these 24 little boxes measures 6 x 6 cm. They are shown hanging on a tree branch. You can easily cluster them on a table or dresser top instead. Instructions to make are in German but the photos should make it easy enough to follow. You can download a pdf patternto make these from the German Raumdinge blog. Use whatever cardboard you have on hand.  


From a Dutch blog, Stipje  - these are small boxes simply wrapped with a wooden number label attached. No instructions are needed. If you can't find similar labels, use what you have including cutting numbers from an old calendar. I found these here.


I love this one from Holomama because it uses whatever is on hand to create a tree-shaped advent calendar (see first photo). Instructions are in Spanish but the photos are clear enough to follow. And, hey, you can always use Google Translate - NOT! 

Have beaucoup de fun with these.

Recycling broken skateboard

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A couple of days ago, I spotted a broken skateboard in someone's trash bin. I looked at it for a minute or two and then walked away. I couldn't think of any use for it. Well, let me tell you, was I wrong (or maybe the heat got to me - it's hot, hot, hot here) because the folks over at Project Little Smith did come up for a reuse for an old skateboard. This nifty and sophisticated little storage unit.

I love any piece of furniture on wheels and this fits the bill big time. Perfect for any room in the house - kids will love it because they can push it around from room to room. I would love it as a bedside table to hold my reading, etc. You could use any wooden crate or if you are handy you could make the box. Here's how.

Pardon me while I run out to see if that skateboard is still in the trash bin!!