Last Minute Halloween from the Recycling Bin

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Here are a few last minute Halloween decorations you can make with what's in your recycling bin!

Plastic Bag Pompom Pumpkins

Use orange (or orange and black) plastic grocery bags to create large pompom pumpkins. These will last forever (unfortunately).

Book Page Gourds

Have you already gone ahead and bought your pumpkins and gourds but have no time to carve and/or decorate them. Forget about it. Just tear some pages out of your old telephone books and slap these on with a bit of glue. Now that's gourd for you!!

Light Up the Night

Chinese lantern (physalis) pods make a wonderful display that you can keep up until Thanksgiving. Just insert the light bulbs of battery-powered string lights into each little seed pod and drape over a mirror.


Here's a nifty way to serve up Halloween treats for your kiddies. Empty your eggs, wash carefully, add a few treats then a witch hat and mask. A cracking good idea don't you think!

Potion Bottles

Grab a few bottles from the recycling bin and decorate with horrifying Halloween labels. You can find loads online or make your own. These are best for your grown-up parties.

Your recycling bin is truly a great source of inspiration.

Natural Thanksgiving Decor

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Thanksgiving is just a few days away and if you haven't succumbed to buying faux decorations at the dollar store, fear not. I have a few ideas that make use of nature's freebies. For example, the basket above makes for a great centrepiece or hall table decoration. It's easily made by simply winding together vines. I have a neighbour who cuts down his vines at this time of year and I always get some for decorating purposes. This year a friend of mine put the basket together. He used a wire coat hanger to create frame for the bottom 'wreath' and then built up the handles freestyle. Cost? Just a couple of hours creating.

Something to dress up the back yard. I don't recall the name of this plant - they look a little like tiny pumpkins. I simply plunked a bunch of these twigs into one ofmy vintage sap buckets et voila. 

Light up your hallway table, dinner table or mantel with this garland. String Chinese Lanterns seed pods (Physalis) into garlands instead of traditional autumn leaves. Simple insert a light bulb of string lighting into each lantern and you're done.

They last a long time and work both for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Your welcome. 

Pretty Cool DIY Recycling From Ideas Magazine

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I've always been a fan of magazines and, yes, I know it's using up trees but once I've finished reading them, I use them for all kinds of recycling projects and in my workshops. Normally I don't like reading magazines online because of eyestrain (!) but recently a friend gave me a subscription to an online South African publication, Ideas Magazine. And I was delighted to find a lot of great repurposing and recycling ideas as well as yummy recipes (I eat with my eyes!). Anyway, I thought I would expose you all to some of the projects that I found and am looking forward to actually doing a few.

Cork Wall Rack

I love the idea of recycling wine corks into something useful and this is a great idea that even I can manage. And what a delightful way to collect the corks!!

Cookie Tin Framework

Such a cool idea and I love that you can also use these as little shelves. 

Ladder Shelving

If you need a extra shelf and have an extra ladder, here's a marriage made in decor heaven!

Message Centre

A neat idea for a kitchen message centre. All you need is an old board and some clean cans!

I think you get the idea that I love this magazine. The publication does not appear to have an actual website but you can get your own subscription, click here.

What's Been Going On ...

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It's been a busy time here in Ottawa. The weather fluctuated from tropical heat to winter cold (well, almost) within days. I have had to take in my tomato plants at night because of the cold. 

Here are a few interesting things have been going on. Dairy farmers took their cows to Parliament to protest for stricter controls on cross-border trade and compensation for international agreements dairy farmers say have left them at a disadvantage. And I tend to agree with them. On a lighter note, there was a classic car show on Sparks Street which brought a smile to me face as I recalled my late Eon's love for his 454 Chevelle. We've had a tulip festival as well as hundreds of folks running marathons for a number of causes (and more to come). A lot of this I was able to enjoy from my 3rd floor balcony. On top of all this a huge sinkhole appeared (I should say, dropped in) on one of our busiest streets - no one was hurt but one car did disappear. But all is well now. We have a great recovery team here in Ottawa.

For those who are pestering (thanks, really) for more ideas for clothes hangers, here are two more uses. 

So simple, so easy. Why didn't I think of it? Find it here.

Not all wall decorations have to be art. So say the bloggers over at Food52. It's a food blog mainly but there are more how to tips there if you care to have a look. Click here.

Ciao bella!