Lie Like a Rug - Recycling Linoleum Tiles

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Where to get free linoleum tile samples

You might not think of linoleum flooring as a particularly easy material to work with in a creative or artistic sense, but there are folks out there who view this as a great medium and create neat stuff using it. If you don't have a few tiles left over from a home renovation project, ask your neighbours. Or, just like carpet samples, you can get free linoleum samples and tiles anywhere flooring supplies are sold: building stores (like Rona or Home Depot), department stores that have a flooring section, and stores that specialize in flooring. Or as a potential customer, often online flooring material stores and suppliers will provide you with free samples.


DIY linoleum tile rug

The above is an example of an area rug that you can make with tiles. These area rugs can be as large or small depending on how many tiles you have on hand. Unfortunately I lost the information about who the artist is for making the above linoleum rug but it's a really effective way to reuse unused tiles.

If you want to make a similar rug, use quilt patterns to inspire you. Most quilting books also show you how to make a pattern so head for your local library for books on quilting. And no sewing involved--you just need to glue the blocks to a backing of some kind. Once you've figured out how to make the pattern, you'll need back material, carpet edging, and double sided tape. Experiment with a few small scraps before attempting the real thing. 

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Where to get free carpet samples

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Where to get samples

To get your hands on some free carpet tiles and samples for your craft or decor projects, head straight to your local building, department stores (that also sell flooring and carpets), and, of course, carpet and flooring shops.

Carpet samples have a longer shelf life than, say, fabric or wallpaper, but even flooring fashion changes and if you're diligent you can pick up some free of charge. If you're lucky, it's possible that you could also pick up some larger outdated remnants. These can be used anywhere you need a bit of carpet protection, such as the mud room, front door, etc.

If you don't mind paying a bit, you can also try garage sales (people selling off stuff from DIY home projects) as well as charity shops and flea markets.  

No such resources in your area? No problem, you can always try or get a few free ones online (but you may have to pay postage) from carpet/flooring sellers as a potential customer.

What to do with your carpet samples?

So what does one do with a bunch of old carpet samples? Well, take a peek at what the winners of Ample Sample's carpet sample contest did with carpet samples for their annual contest. I'll guarantee you'll be green with envy and you'll never look at carpets the same way again. 

Loving the carpet slippers!!

And the mailbox is kinda of nifty, don't you think? Best part, you can download instructions from Ample Sample for all the winning projects to make your own!!