Workshops and My Shop News

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My May workshops are all booked and, once, they are done, I'm closing up for the summer. However, I suddenly discovered - drum roll, please! - candle making! A friend gave a candlemaking kit last Christmas and I never got around to doing anything with it. That is, until last weekend. It was raining and I was bored. My TV is on the blink (good job, too, as I had no idea how much time I wasted watching someone else's creations!! - more about that later. Having read my last book from the library, I decided why not try candle making.

Being the klutz I am, I was afraid I might set the house on fire but it turned out to be easier than I thought. So, of course, I made tons and gave quite a few away to family and friends to try out. And the response was so good that I've decided to flog them in MY SHOP.


What makes my candles so different, you ask? Well, for one, they are hand-poured, organic and fairly reasonable, cost-wise, (actually that's three reasons!). You can choose the container(s) you want - I plan on scouring the charity shops, flea markets and garage sales for unusual containers and will post these separately. As well you will be able to choose the scent. Right now only essential oils of lavender, cinnamon, and rosemary are available, but I'm working on adding essential oils of rose, chocolate, rosemary, and thyme. Once you have made your purchase, the candles will be hand-poured after you and then sent off to you in a pretty box. 

Anyway, let me know what you think of my latest idea - this grannie needs to make some dollars. As well as the candles, I will also be flogging my vintage goods. Stay tuned ...

Earth Day

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As I dash off to my morning workshop, here's something I did last night and will present to each of our workshop participants - a soy wax candle in discarded vintage patisserie moulds. These moulds are really tiny - less than 1/2 inch high, but because of the wax I used and the wick (low smoke, cotton soy waxed), it actually goes for over 6 hours! Pretty good, for a little thing - and that's the point.

Why a candle? Well, it's to remind us that we are constantly losing so much of our planet Earth - species are disappearing, forests and fields are desecrated, our air and water is polluted as is the food we consume; all, by the way, in the name of consumerism. We are hurtling through space on the ONLY home we have and we treat it like a garbage dump. We have to have more, more and more no matter what the cost. Someone else will take care of it, right? NO - it's up to each on of us to take on the responsibility of caring for our planet.

Sorry, I just get so riled up and sometimes find it hard to contain myself. Hope you have a thoughtful day and start something that will start to heal our world - even if it's just in a small way. Every little helps ...

Earth Day Recycling Fun

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If you think the whole of idea of recycling is too much work and no fun, you may want to think again. Take a lesson from kids, for example. When my daughter was little, she often preferred the box that her gift came in to the gift itself. Something we should all consider because it's often the little things actually make the difference and each one of us can at least consider that one little thing we can do each day and even have a little fun in the process.

Since I'm holding workshops on the day (with a little help), we had an early Earth Day at our place. We all scoured the cupboards and closets and the recycling bin for stuff and challenged each other to recycle what we found in fun (and useful) ways. We unearthed (no pun intended) old paperback books, unused glass ware, loo rolls, drinking straws washed and saved from smoothies and lattes, twist tops from milk and juice cartons, and plastic milk jugs were some of our materials.

And here's what we did:

Balloon-powered Racers

Okay, we cheated a little here, the balloons are new. We did have fun racing these in our apartment building hallway!

Map Gift Wrap

All this from an old torn up map - envelopes, gift wrap, paper boat, map covered notebooks and pencils, even buttons. All perfect material for a party or for gift giving. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Sippy Pots from Mayo Jars


An unbreakable, non-spillable sippy jar from a PET mayonnaise jar. How to do it here.

Glassware Cake Stands

Unused glassware and plates merged into these cute little cake stands. Miss Piggy would approve.

Hanging Gardens

Kids really love this type of gardening - I think they like the idea of being able to move the plants around. Anyway, we did cheat a little here and used grocery store herbs instead of waiting for seeds to sprout. But it shows that anyone can have a garden no matter how small a place they've got.

Sprouting Eggs

You can start a garden in anything. These little sprouts can go directly into your garden or garden container. Just remember to crush the eggshell slightly so the roots can get out.

Hope your Earth Day is special and keep on recycling all year round.

Street Finds

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I needed to get food supplies today and on my way I noticed quite a few discarded couches and mattresses. I also spotted this metal bedframe and immediately pictured it back in use as a garden trellis.

Like this

The one pictured above is actually made of wood, but I think using an abandoned bedframe support would save you time and money should you stumble across one and need a trellis. You'd have to add chicken or concrete wire or even string to hold up your growing beans, peas, cukes, etc.

Now how about this against a garden wall.

An instant upgrade to a blank backyard or side of the house wall. Again, this one is made of wood and it's for sale at Foter's. The bedframe would be spectacular with climbing roses, or other climbing flowers. Hey, I'm just saying ...

If you have the skills and the time, tranform the bedframe into a work table.

My other find and one I did take home was this Stephen King encyclopedia. Who could resist? Not I, for one!

Because I'm holding a few private Halloween workshops, I can see a lot of possibilities for this book.

The graphics alone make it a huge find for me.

Street Finds

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Okay, it's the end of the month and people are moving away to new locations and as a result there are tons (yes, literally), tons of old furniture littering the sidewalks of Ottawa. In just a short 7 block walk, I spotted enough furniture to furnish a few rooms - dressers, chairs, sofas, tables, etc. And all bound for the landfill. What a waste, folks. 

Here are a couple of things I found that could easily be rehabilitated and reused:

This looks like an Ikea double dresser (see below) and, upon my inspection, was in very good nick. Just a bit of wipe and it's ready to go.

I think I'd have repainted it an eggshell white had I had the energy to lug it home. You'll find plenty of examples online for redoing dressers. 

This old sofa also looked in perfect condition. A good vaccuming would probably be needed and you'd have to check if there are any residents lurking somewhere inside. This sofa could be stripped completely and reupholstered and then would better than new. Look at some of these upholstery possibilities.

You could do this if you sew using bits of material you may already have on hand:

Or this if you're more conservative:

Or even this if you're creative:

If you don't have upholstering skills, check with your local community colleges or hire someone who can and you'll have a sofa that's worth more than you can buy but it won't cost you (clever you) so much.

IDEA: Picking up furniture off the streets and transforming them into something new and wonderful would be a great side business if you've got a truck and some muscles.


Street Finds - More Goodies on the Street

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Yup, another day of great street finds. It's been pouring rain today but I had to run out to finish up some chores and, to my surprise, stumbled upon another treasure trove at the same location where I found the discarded Ikea drawers. Among the items on the curb were things I actually needed. It's so weird that I'm beginning to think I'm either the luckiest gal around or someone somewhere really likes me.

I dragged home a black patio table, a white plastic garbage pail ( just what I needed for storing my plant pots once my balcony garden has been shut down for winter), a small black and rusted watering can, and what I originally thought was a Victorian mirror frame.

The patio table is a perfect replacement for my large round patio table, which I recently sold. It was just too big for my balcony and took up too much room inside when I brought it in once summer's over. When I sold my original table, I figured I could find something smaller at a charity shop but never seemed to have the time to go and look.

And there it was this morning: small, dark, and handsome, leaning so casually against a tree. Just what I needed so how could I resist. I was missing my early morning coffee on the balcony and now I can enjoy it once more before the weather changes.

The round 'frame' turned out to be the metal bottom of what I think was a lampstand. When I saw it I knew what I could make with it despite the fact that it's not really a frame. People will freak out when they see what I'll be doing with it for a future workshop.

Not exactly a street find - I pilfered these apples still attached to branches from a crab apple tree in the park. The groundskeepers saw me and merely shrugged and then laughed when I told them how I planned to use branches of apples - again for a future workshop. 

The real reason why I went out this morning in the torrential rain and again, not really a street find. I find that shoe boxes are just perfect for Christmas gifts and decided to head out to beg for a few from local shoe shops. Little did I know that nowadays, the shops no longer keep the empty boxes customers don't want when they purchase shoes. They're flattened (the boxes, not the customers) and destroyed. I think shoe manufacturers instruct shops to do this because they're are afraid counterfeiters will use the authentic boxes for their counterfeit knockoffs. 

However, once I explained why I wanted them, a few shop employees were gracious enough to give me what they had - even providing me with bags to carry the boxes in. They all asked me not to name them in my blog as they were afraid, I think, of crowds coming and begging for the same. But I am grateful they did give me what they could.