DIY Upcycled Halloween Wreath

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Here's an quick and easy way to make a Halloween wreath. To make the boa I used an orange and black feather one but you can easily use just an orange one or a black one. My orange and black feather boas have been around for awhile now and I've used these in the past as a garlands draped over my fireplace mantel and even as part of a costume. Now I'm repurposing both as a wreath. Not an original idea, I know but quick and easy to make. You can buy these feather boas in either black or orange or like the one above at almost any charity shop at this time of year for very little. Or shop you're cupboards, you probably already have one.

To make the wreath, all you need is a wire coat hanger and the boa - I used two for a fluffier look. Stretch the wire hanger into a circle (doesn't have to be perfect). I don't use glue to hold the boa in place as I may need it for other purposes later. There's a little string loop at each end of the boa so just slip one loop over the handle of your stretched wire hanger and then simply twist the feather boa around the hanger. When you're done twisting the boa around the hanger, slip the second loop over the hanger handle. This will hold the boa in place. To hide the handle, I bent it back and used this to hang up the wreath.

This wreath also can be left up for Thanksgiving.

If you are looking for more Halloween inspiration, click on Halloween under Categories.

Upcycling Your Halloween Pumpkins

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If you’re anything like me, the easier it is to decorate for any holiday, the more time you’ve got to actually enjoy the holiday. And this is especially, for me at least, during Halloween. Now, I know, that there are literally thousands of ideas you can find online but I don’t have the time usually or the inclination to do much searching. I tend to get a bit dizzy and need liquid refreshment to help me out. So, as usual, I rely on my readers to help me out. This year this faithful band sent me loads of images and links.

I especially liked the ones that saved me having to carve up the pumpkin and whenever possible, able to use what I have on hand for the decoration – no heading to the mall or the dollar store for me. By the way, I’m not a great fan of the truly creepy and ghoulish, so my likes are usually pretty – well, actually – just pretty.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Office Supply Pumpkins

No doubt the easiest to do as you can be as klutzy as me and still create something beautiful. I happen to have loads of brads and pushpins on hand and will find these a delight to make. And, oh, goody, you can dress up your office desk in five minutes flat. 

Here's the link.

Lace Pumpkin

Definitely a more romantic way to decorate your pumpkin. This one is covered by a lace stocking but you could also use lace doilies, etc. Whatever you've got on hand is the idea. Check it out here.

Washi Tape Pumpkins

No fuss, no muss. These little pumpkins are decorated with double-sided tape and patterned ribbon but washi tape would do the trick as well. For this idea and more no-carve decorating ideas, click here.

Book Page Pumpkin

So what happens when you haven't had time to get to the market to pick up some pumpkins? Don't you worry, don't you fret - just head for your bookshelf and see if you've got a long-neglected, unread book taking up space. Et voila, a pumpkin centrepiece like not other. And you can use it for Thanksgiving, too. Find out how here.

Construction Paper Pumpkin

One for the kids - a pumpkin made from strips of orange construction paper. Easy-peasy instructions here.

Halloween Workshop Studio

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Well, I'm already and so is my studio for our first workshop of the season. It was fun going through my storage unit and finding all my Halloween decorations. Usually I get rid of stuff once I've finished a class but for some reason I tend to hang on to my Halloween and Christmas stuff. And I'm glad I did.

I stopped by the Byward Farmers Market today and couldn't resist adding some fun to the piles of pumpkins I saw there. Wonder what people will think when they see these starring up at them.

Last Minute DIY Halloween Ideas

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Halloween is just a few days away (okay, a week) and I thought you'd like these two Halloween projects which would be fun to do with your kids. No kids, do these anyway.

'Poisoned' Apples, Anyone?

I will be making these to hand out if I recover from my trip back from Scotland. Traci over at FresnoBeehive gives you the recipe and the how-tos.

Not So Itsy, Bitsy Spider!

Haeley over at Design Improvised shows you how to make this spider balloon and also a balloon ghost. Check it out!