Last Minute DIY Halloween Ideas

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Halloween is just a few days away (okay, a week) and I thought you'd like these two Halloween projects which would be fun to do with your kids. No kids, do these anyway.

'Poisoned' Apples, Anyone?

I will be making these to hand out if I recover from my trip back from Scotland. Traci over at FresnoBeehive gives you the recipe and the how-tos.

Not So Itsy, Bitsy Spider!

Haeley over at Design Improvised shows you how to make this spider balloon and also a balloon ghost. Check it out!

What's that on my plate?

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At Halloween I like to add a few little surprises for dinner guests to discover while wining and dining on the big day but these bugs I found over at Better Homes and Gardens aren't so subtle, are they? Hit you smack in the face. 

So easy to make and the folks at BHG even provide the images so you can create your own. Go here for instructions and for the bug image pdf.

Cassie over at Hi Sugarplum borrowed an idea from our lady Martha using bug images to decorate drinking glasses, vases and jars. You'll find her instructions here.

My own take of bugs on plates (in this case, the ubiquitous house fly) is somewhat less threatening but no less revolting. Imagine finding these under your salad! By the way,  You can use the images from BHG (see above) or get your bugs and crawlies over at the The Biodiversity Heritage Library. You might have to do some searching to find what you want, but it's worth the effort.

And if you're wondering what all this has to do with recycling - well, because you are using stick-on transfers as opposed to glue-on, you can actually remove the images (carefully) off your regular plates and glassware, stick them on a bit of plastic (I stuck my on a piece of aluminum foil), roll up, and store to use again next year - they're good for at least two more stick-ons! And, best of all, your plates, etc. will show no sign of their sinister and dark evening performances. 

Now - isn't that just plain weird?

Black Beauties - Halloween Pumpkins

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I'm not a ghostie, ghoulie, witchie decor fan so I look for more subtle ways to celebrate Halloween. Actually if you want the real truth, I'm really just lazy and always on the lookout for easy projects and ideas (but they have to look good, natch). So saying all this, I was quite taken with these two dark and sinister takes on pumpkins. One even includes a bit of carving up which I normally avoid.

Black Magic

Since I am a carving-challenged kind of gal, when it comes to decorating my Halloween pumpkins I usually just slap a black mask on my pumpkins and thereby save my fingers. But here’s a stunning black crescent moon I spotted at Midwest Living that just might tempt me to try my hand at carving (oh – wait a second does that mean I also have to remove the stuff inside?? I may go with an artificial pumpkin). You can get the stencil for the crescent moon here (but you have to register to get it).

Big, Black, and Scary

Craft and food stylist Paul Lowe at his Sweet Paul blog skipped the carving knife altogether when it came to decorating his pumpkin. Instead he used an artificial one and matte paint to achieve this deceptively stark and so very chic pumpkin. Here are his how-to instructions.

Just a wee note: Although I normally believe that natural is always best, when it comes to stuff like holiday decorations, I don't mind a faux take on a few things (like pumpkins). After all you can keep the thing and reuse it year after year. 

Halloween Frame of Mind

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So - the back green garden has been blooming despite Edinburgh's wacky weather - the cabbages came in (despite the wood pigeons snipping away at the leaves) and went - can't blame the pigeons on the disappearance of the cabbages!! So now we have a few empty garden boxes to fill up. The wee man (little K) sprinkled some turnip seeds into the empty cabbage box while we adults planted carrots and kale seeds. More plants are coming soon.

Since the weather has cooled considerably, I'm getting into a more autumn frame of mind (I know it's only mid-August but you have to be here to appreciate my mood). Any road, Halloween has been on my mind lately and since I am away from home and all my goodies, I checked out what was out there for inspiration.

Now, the thing about me is that I am utterly useless at actually making stuff that look gorgeous (I'm more your basic idea gal). If it has more than 3 or 4 parts and/or more than 3 steps to create, projects and ideas I look for have to be easy, simple, and cost-effective. Needless to say, they also have to be recreated using recycled materials.

First up is this witty frame arrangement that I found a few years back at Pottery Barn. (Note the frames are no longer available at the store).

Pottery Barn Inspiration

Okay - I'm inept at hanging up artwork straight on walls and usually avoid the task (or get someone else to do it). But this Halloween frame arrangement that I spotted on Pottery Barn seemed ideal for me to attempt as all the frames were stuck together every which way. Perfect, I thought. But, wouldn't you know it, I got plumb tired out at the thought of all the gluing and nailing and hanging I would have to do and, so, I never did make it.

However, it still is an easy enough idea and I think it would be easy to construct if you've got a few old ones around (frames, I mean ... ). Ask friends if they've got some they're not using as well. By the way, instead of buying your picture mats, make your own from any stiff white paper you've got around the house; it's easy (so she says) to make your own. Here's a link to make your own mats.

And you know what? Good old Pottery Barn even put up a free pdf of spookly photos you can download and use in your frames. Go here for the link.

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