Happy Valentine's Day

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I'm having problems with my web host - I can't upload any images or videos and that's why I have been so silent. I had such great ones I wanted to use.

Apologies - have a great Valentine's Day!

Valentine Breakfast

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Forgot it's Valentine - no chocolates, flowers, or cards for your sweetie? Never mind, it's not too late to melt her/his heart with this breakfast Valentine idea from the Hovis Bread Co.

So cute that I styled my own toast this way for myself this morning and may even continue to do so every morning.


In Case of Love at First Sight, Break Glass

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Even though I will be spending Valentine's Day solo this year, I still am enough of a romantic about the whole thing. So when I spotted this 2014 Valentine video, I had to share it.

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A crew from Funny How Flowers Do That were sent out to install 1500 cute little boxes that are modeled after emergency boxes. Each containing a single red rose, these were installed throughout crowded and well-known romantic areas of Paris. In case you met your love at first sight, all you had to do to get her/his attention was to just break the glass and take the flower. 

"In case of love at first sight, break glass," the boxes say, but it wasn't too dangerous. The "glass" was actually cellophane.

Oh, come on, all you cynics out there, I do know this is just a promotional video to buy roses, but it's still pretty cute. Just sit back and enjoy - and check out this one for 2016. 


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This Valentine’s Day they're sending out the 'Command Cupid' who's equipped with a high-tech bow that streams live video of real people on the streets of Paris and Berlin. This remote-controlled Cupid will be handing out real roses to the lucky folk that spot him.

But if you're solo, like me, this Valentine's day, the council has you covered. Click here to find out how to survive the day alone or with other solo Valentine friends.


DIY Green Valentine

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Valentine's Day is not far away and I'm in the process of creating some cards for both family members and friends.

Here's a sampling of what I've made so far:


Yup, the old 'key to my heart' card. I recently decided to clear out my vintage keys but I did keep a few on hand in case I had a brainstorm for repurposing the keys. The paper I used is from some junk mail I keep getting from some insurance company. I added the message and that was about it. Oh, I stuck the key on with paper glue but need to get something sturdier as it (the key, I mean) keeps slipping!

I have a hoard of old stamps and used these to make a card! Anyway, this one goes to my daughter who is the queen of my heart. The little guy who is the king is getting a few pop-up cards that I made after reading a book on how to make these. But - I digress and will post later this week. 

To make this card, I just arranged the stamps on a piece of card paper, cut out a heart on another piece of cardstock and voila - a card was born - made!

I didn't make this one - my crafty friend, Sean made it - but I thought I would post it so you can see how simple and elegant your homemade cards can be. Just bits of little Valentine shapes (the one inside is actually cut from a doily.

Easy peasy, no??