Happy Valentine's Day

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I'm having problems with my web host - I can't upload any images or videos and that's why I have been so silent. I had such great ones I wanted to use.

Apologies - have a great Valentine's Day!

Valentine Breakfast

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Forgot it's Valentine - no chocolates, flowers, or cards for your sweetie? Never mind, it's not too late to melt her/his heart with this breakfast Valentine idea from the Hovis Bread Co.

So cute that I styled my own toast this way for myself this morning and may even continue to do so every morning.


In Case of Love at First Sight, Break Glass

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Even though I will be spending Valentine's Day solo this year, I still am enough of a romantic about the whole thing. So when I spotted this 2014 Valentine video, I had to share it.

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A crew from Funny How Flowers Do That were sent out to install 1500 cute little boxes that are modeled after emergency boxes. Each containing a single red rose, these were installed throughout crowded and well-known romantic areas of Paris. In case you met your love at first sight, all you had to do to get her/his attention was to just break the glass and take the flower. 

"In case of love at first sight, break glass," the boxes say, but it wasn't too dangerous. The "glass" was actually cellophane.

Oh, come on, all you cynics out there, I do know this is just a promotional video to buy roses, but it's still pretty cute. Just sit back and enjoy - and check out this one for 2016. 


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This Valentine’s Day they're sending out the 'Command Cupid' who's equipped with a high-tech bow that streams live video of real people on the streets of Paris and Berlin. This remote-controlled Cupid will be handing out real roses to the lucky folk that spot him.

But if you're solo, like me, this Valentine's day, the council has you covered. Click here to find out how to survive the day alone or with other solo Valentine friends.


DIY Green Valentine

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Valentine's Day is not far away and I'm in the process of creating some cards and projects for both family members and friends. This plastic bag heart wreath is one of my favourite projects and even though I can now make it completely in red, I still love the look of this one with the bit of white. In the past besides the plastic bag wreath I've made book photo frames, Valentine clocks, and heart topiaries, among other things. This year I'm frantically trying to finish up my Valentine cards - all I have time (and resources) to make.  

Here's a sampling of what I've made so far:


Yup, the old 'key to my heart' card. I didn't sell off all my keys - I know better than that. (By the way the keys I did sell went to the cafe at Black Squirrel Books to be used as part of their decor!). To get back to this card, I did keep a few on hand in case I had a brainstorm on recycling these (or upcycling - whatever). The paper is from some junk mail I keep getting from an insurance company. I added the message and that was about it. Oh, I stuck the key on with paper glue but need to get something sturdier as it (the key, I mean) keeps slipping!

I have a hoard of old stamps that I've got - see, I just can't throw anything away!! Anyway, this one goes to my daughter who is the queen of my heart. The little guy who is the king is getting a few pop-up cards that I made after reading a book on how to make these. But - I digress and will post later this week. 

To make this card, I just arranged the stamps on a piece of card paper, cut out a heart on another piece of cardstock and voila - a card was born - made!

I didn't make this one - my crafty friend, Sean made it - but I thought I would post it so yo can see how simple and elegant your homemade cards can be. Just bits of little Valentine shapes (the one inside is actually cut from a doily.

Easy peasy, no??

4 Ideas for Valentine - Use what you've got

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Uh, oh, I know that it's only three days away until Valentine's Day but I'm still flat on my back and unable to reach up or down and haven't been able to make anything.  I can, however, peruse the web to find some quick and easy ideas for you and the kids to make. So hang on, here we go:

Valentine Balloons

I've actually used an idea like this one to make a pirate-inspired invitation balloon cards for the wee guy in my life. Tonia at The Gunny Sack created this Valentine version you can quickly put together for the day. Use up any balloons and ribbon you've got on hand and, if you have no treats, just insert a little paper birthday wish,  roll it up and put inside the balloon. What could be easier? Tonia's instructions and download are here.

By the way, balloons are made of latex rubber and can be placed in the recycling bin. Don't toss punctured balloons into your regular garbage as birds will often mistake them for bits of food. 

Valentine Flower Holder

Just have time to buy some flowers, get home, and what - no vase? Improvise with this idea - grab an umbrella and use that to display your flowers. Wrap the stems in waterfilled plastic bags (check to ensure the bags don't leak, first!) and stick them into the umbrella. Add a ribbon and you're done. You do know that grocery store flowers are way cheaper than the florist shop, right? So save your cash for a night out and head out to your local store to pick a variety of blooms (they don't have to be roses, either).

This idea comes via Gina over at Random Thoughts from an Incoherent Mind. Although it is self-explanatory, if you're anything like me, you might need some how-tos, so click here.

Paper Heart Garland

This Valentine paper garland would look sensational if you make several and stick them up to hang in a doorway. I spotted a similar paper heart garland in the window of Boogie and Birdie, a local shop that sells the kind of expensive stuff you wish you could afford (and I go in occasionally to steal ideas - I mean - for inspiration!). Best thing about this garland is that you can make it from any kind of paper you have on hand: gift wrap, old letters, envelopes, even book pages. All you need is a stapler (and staples, natch!). No stapler, just glue the thing together!

Easy-peasy instructions come via Craft Stalker.  The original post appears to be Japanese (or Korean) but the steps shown look pretty easy to follow (even for me). To view, click here

Paper Flowers

Good news, paper flowers can also be made out of any type of paper (as long as it is foldable - I wouldn't recommend cardboard). When we were kids we used to make tissue flowers for friends' weddings. These went out of fashion for a while but now seem to be in again. For a twist on the old tissue paper, I like these sewing pattern tissue ones that I found at the Rural Bride site. You can use the tissue paper patterns  that you won't be reusing or that are too worn-out to be used again for sewing purposes. These can be made exactly like the traditional tissue flowers, just fold, tie up, and spread out! For instructions, go here.

No sewing tissue patterns on hand? Use paper coffee filters instead. These are made exactly the same way as the sewing tissue paper shown. And, or course, gift wrap tissue paper another way to go. For the coffee filter flowers, Sneaky Spoons shows you how here.

If you are looking for more last-minute inspiration, just enter "last minute valentine craft ideas' in your browser Search box. As for material, look around the house and see what you've got before heading for the store. Remember you can make something from anything. You just gotta figure out how.

Happy Valentine's Day to All

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Have a wonderful day whether you're with someone or on your own. If you are far away from your love and family, take heart and know they love you and can't wait for you to be back home.  

To make the cherry tomato heart, click here.