Charlie Brown Christmas tree

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Too pooped to post anything as I spent the day preparing photos to accompany my Christmas articles. Here's a little something I thought you might enjoy. 

I love the whole Peanuts gang - Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Schroeder, and especially Charlie's little Christmas tree which this one resembles.

Photo via Anne Sage

Thanksgiving quickie

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Here's a quick and easy last-minute Thanksgiving decorating idea.  You can get it all at your local market or grocery store and no skills required. If you wax the pumpkins with floor wax (not the liquid kind, the real wax kind) and, after Thanksgiving, store in a cool dark place, these should last until next year. So will the corn without waxing.

Have fun and don't eat the entire turkey in one sitting.

Make an Easter Willow Wreath

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At the Bytown market yesterday afternoon I spotted my favourite vendor selling willow (Salix discolor) branches and, of course, I couldn't resist buying a few. I sometimes just plunk them into one of my old sap buckets and leave it at that. But this year I wanted to create a nice wreath to remind me that spring is not too far away. 

To make the wreath, I simply recycled a twig wreath that I had left over from Christmas and inserted short stems of the willow between the twigs. The wreath will last a long time but keep it out of the sun.

Seasonal leaf decoration

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If you're too busy to find time to shop for seasonal decorations, here's an idea to decorate your banisters that I spotted while web searching this morning. It will take you from Thanksgiving (American friends) right through to Christmas. Just head for your backyard and collect a bunch of colourful leaves (better yet, get the kids to do it while they're clearing up the leaves in the backyard).

To prepare the leaves, first protect your ironing board or area with a piece of fabric remnant or newspaper. Place your leaves between two sheets of wax paper (not parchment paper) and run a warm iron over the leaves for a couple of minutes. The paper will leave a residue of wax on the leaves; gently peel away the top sheet. Note that you will have to replace the wax paper when all the wax is gone. When you've got enough leaves, hot glue them to a length of butcher's twine (or similar string) and wind that around a string of Christmas lights. Then wind that (I know, a lot of winding - better than whining!!!) around your banister.

No twine, no Christmas lights? Make my leaf wreath instead.

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