Recycling plastic milk containers - the garden issue

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The educators and parents at the Tawa Montessori school in the Wellington region in New Zealand have a passion and a mission to ensure that children under their care have every opportunity to develop their self-confidence and personal creativity. And reusing and recycling is an important part of this.

Their garden consisting of recycled plastic milk bottles blew me away and had me hitting my recycling bin to recover whatever plastic jugs I could find. What a great way to start children gardening. I know that my little grandson who attends a nursery school where gardening plays a large part, will enjoy this idea very much. It’s portable, doable, and cost-effective - easy enough for anyone, no matter what size, to have a garden close at hand. Take a gander and pass it on.

If you have a garden, well, you need tools. Take a look at how mother, gardener extraordinaire, creative recycler, and blogger, Melissa, over at her blog, A Farm of Your Home, recycled her plastic milk bottles. And she uses up every scrap from hers.

It's very similar to a the plastic milk bottle dust scoop that I blogged about earlier.  For instructions to make Melissa's garden tools, go here.

Recycling Plastic Bottles and Containers

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It's great to find how others recycle plastic containers whether on a small or large scale. These examples are just a few of large scale plastic container and bottle recycling that might inspire you. I do find this a bit scary when you realize how many plastic containers there are out there. Even these shown will eventually be taken down and tossed (hopefully) into a recycling bin. Nice as these ideas are, we need to think more about replacing plastic of all kinds with more environmental responsible materials. How did people manage before plastic??

Okay, lecture over. Flickr user Tombritt took this photo in Mrs. Grant's kindergarden classroom at Brooks Elementary School (location not given). This little green 'igloo' is an adorable and very functional space for kids to sit inside and read (they must have huge rooms at that school 'cause this is no small space). It's made entirely by recycling milk containers. Mrs. Grant, to her credit, encourages recycling and had her students collect empty milk containers to construct this 'cool' igloo and create a really fun reading corner. 

If you do buy your milk in plastic containers, start saving the empties now and you could have enough to create your own reading igloo at your school by Christmas.

Here's yet another classroom plastic milk container recycling project to organize and display classroom art supplies. I just don't know how long it will stay looking this good once school starts. I found this at Craftzine.

What about this pool located at a theatre or shopping mall (they don't give the exact location) in Montreal photographed by Recyclebank? They must have used a gazillion empty plastic bottles to create this but doesn't it look great! 

At least in all these projects, it appears that nothing was added to the plastic containers such as paint, glitter, etc., which would make it difficult to recycle once these are no longer needed. 

Dust scoop from plastic milk container

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Don't you just love it when you can figure out how to make something from a photo with no long boring instructions. Well, here's an example. My daughter recently sent me a pic of a really elegant dust scoop (or pan) cut out of a plastic milk container. I know, I know, you're probably thinking whatever??? You've seen a hundred or so similar ideas elsewhere. But, hey, this one is really fine. Take a gander. 

I can't quite make out the source of this photo and idea (and my girl has forgotten where she first spotted it). If it's yours, let me know so I can credit it.

Ciao for now!

Thoughts of spring

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I know, I know, spring is still just an idea right now but staying here in Edinburgh where I'm surrounded by green gardens and flowering plants, I can't help but look forward to some early planting. Today I spotted this innovative garden on Treehugger - recycling 2 litre plastic pop bottles into a hanging wall garden feature and have to admit that I was quite taken with it.

This 'garden' was designed in collaboration with Brazilian design studio Rosenbaum and the TV show Caldeirao to help poor families improve their homes and surroundings. I'm not sure how much time it would take to water these as container gardens always need a lot more watering than ordinary gardens. Still a good idea if you live somewhere where it rains a lot. If you go to the Rosenbaum site, you will find out how to make it. It's in Portuguese but you won't need a translation as the illustration is pretty self-explanatory.

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