Ikea Idea - Fabric Recycling

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I've been cleaning up my closets and found a heap of clothing I no longer wear - some I even forgot I had! So it's all going to the charity shop tomorrow. Now I know there are hundreds of uses for reusing textiles but just thinking about how much work it would be tires me no end. But I do remember spotting a pretty patchwork quilt on Ikea's Livet Hemma site some time ago and decided that it might give some of you ideas for upcycling your fabric odds and end. 

Ikea Patchwork Quilt from Fabric Scraps

If I had this Ikea patchwork quilt, it would certainly brighten up my studio and it seems fairly straightforward to make. All I need is to buy a sewing machine!

Pretty cute, eh?  It looks like a great way to recycle fabrics you can cut from old shirts, blouses, skirts or dresses. Ikea does provide how-to instructions but they're in Swedish! I didn't find an English version but I did manage to translate the material required.

For the quilt which consists of 8 columns and 15 rows:

120 -  15 x 15 squares (A) (allow 2 cm for seam allowance)

For the trim binding:

Two pieces fabric, (B) sized 225 x 8 cm (allow 2 cm for seam allowance)

Two pieces fabric, (C) sized 126 x 8 cm (allow 1 cm for seam allowance)

No mention is made of a backing or the actual size of the quilt  so I looked around to find better instructions. If you are a novice at quilting, you will find the pictures and reasonably easy-to-follow instructions here and here.

You can find the Swedish instructions here.

Chic Patchwork Pillow

If you find the idea of sewing a quilt a bit daunting or you don't have a lot of fabric for one, why not try making a patchwork pillow cover for practice? I found this lovely one for sale at Anthropologie. It's from Ace and Jig, but you could easily make a similar one.

Hmm ... all this talk about fabric recycling has got me fired up. Note to self: Buy a sewing machine!

Upcycle with Ikea - Transforming old bed linen

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Yesterday's post got me thinking that my whole apartment needs an uplift. So - I returned to trawl through Ikea's Livet Hemma blog looking for inspiration that I can use to brighten up my place and, in my search, I spotted this:

I like everything in this room (well, almost!) and will probably copy most of it when I find the time. As I'm fairly conservative when it comes to colours and stuff and all my bed linen is white - pillows, sheets, duvets, I like the idea of adding colour by just dipping parts of a fabric into dye. The pompoms add a fun touch to the room, too, I think.

And that ladder - in the Ikea description, the ladder is supposed to replace a dresser but couldn't possibly in my case. But I'd like to have it for hanging up stuff. I've made ladders in the past and sold. I do believe that I have some leftover 2 x 4s stashed away somewhere in my storage unit.

I found out by reading the Ikea description that what makes this room so stylish and appealing are the different textures used. See - I am learning something.

How to Dip and Dye

Okay, I'm not going to tell you how to dip dye your fabrics. Instead you can head over to Tie Dye Your Summer for a really easy method to dip dyeing your linens. Here are their really easy how-to instructions.

Of course, our lady Martha also has a method for dye dipping. Click here for her how-tos.

Pompom Makery

I know I posted a pompom how-to link somewhere but you can never have enough (links, that is). If you have any unused sweaters lying around, why not unravel one to make your own pompom without dashing off to the yarn barn. Click here for how to find out how to unravel yarn from an old sweater.

As for the pompom, click here for a couple of ways to make your own - small or large. There's a nifty way to make small pompoms using a fork and to make giant pompoms, using 2 cardboard toilet rolls. This link is definitely a keeper.

Ladder Work
If you keen to make your own ladder, here's a link to one that looks easy enough.

Upcycle with Ikea - Cushion Covers into Bags

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And -- she's back! Me, that is. Lots going on at the beginning of the year but I think I'm ready for 2015 now! 

I'm a big fan of Ikea's lifestyle blog, Livet Hemma. Not so much for looking to buy anything but because some of the ideas posted by Ikea's resident designers and others are worth taking a second look at. Many of the ideas can be reinterpreted using what you've already got and can recycle.

Here's an idea from guest blogger, Sara Zetterström from over at little miss fix it. She shows you how to upcycle (extra) cushion covers into neat storage bags. And who doesn't need more storage? All you do is add a little fabric loop for hanging up the cushion cover. So simple! Ms. Sara uses Ikea's SANELA cushion covers to make her bags but that's no reason to go out and buy new ones. Why not dig around your linen closet see if you've got any cushion or pillows you don't use and make these?

Since I have at least half a dozen cushion covers lurking in my linen closet - all unused - this is one project I will definitely do. And you don't even need a sewing machine (I don't have one). It would be simple enough to hand stitch. Easy, peasy. I like this!

Green Valentine - Poppytalk Packaging

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I'm in the process of heading back home from my travels so I have no time (or materials) to come up with any Valentine recycling ideas just now. So here is a neat idea I discovered on Poppytalk, a great blog based in Vancouver, Here's their take on how to create great packaging using leftover fabric (at least I would use what scraps I had). Enjoy the how-to here

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