Recycle a Magazine or Card into Candle Votive Covers

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Okay, so I’ve been pretty lazy about blogging but I’m just getting back on my feet and am feeling frisky again. My OC article on keeping your new year’s resolutions by going green was published yesterday. Here’s the link.

So because my energy level is not quite up there (I’m saving it for a new project!), I checking out the web to see what others are doing by recycling creatively. And, of course, I keep folks on the web who are doing wonderful and very professional looking recycling projects (none of this macaroni on cardboard recycling crafts!).

And speaking of recycling - here’s another example (amazing) of what you can make from the pictures of magazines, calendars, or card--ta dah--clever DIY candle votive covers.

The clever designer behind this idea is Claire over at Fellow, Fellow. Here’s the lutorial.


Christmas Card Recycling from BHG

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I don't know about you but I still get quite a few Christmas cards in the mail and enjoy receiving them even though e-cards are more eco-friendly. Besides, coming up with ideas to recycle them is one way of keeping the kids busy while you make your hoilday preparations. 

Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) has oodles of ideas and how-to projects for recycling holiday cards. These little card trees are similar to those over at Stone and Rose that I blogged about yesterday but a little easier to make.

And I simply love these little decorative houses made from cards. For complete instructions for these and other card recycling projects, visit BHG. For house templates, go here.

Recycling Christmas Cards

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It you’re still hanging on to last year’s horde of Christmas greeting cards, there are many possibilities for reusing old greeting cards, limited only by what you have on hand and your own imagination. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Recycled Wreath

Good Housekeeping has a nice little wreath made from recycled holiday greeting cards that are cut into holly leaves. Use the holly leaf template to trace onto old cards and cut out the shapes. This site has a lot of other wreath ideas, so take a good browse around it.

The instructions for this wreath involve a Styrofoam base which as you all know, is a no-no if you have to go and buy it. If you already have one, by all means use it. If you don't but have a large piece of Styrofoam that is being thrown out, you can create a doughnut shape from that (do the cutting outside as it's very messy!) or just cut out a doughnut shape from a large piece of cardboard (from a box) and use that as your base. Forget the toothpicks, layer the cutout holly-shaped pieces of your recycled cards and use non-toxic glue to hold in place.

Image Good Housekeeping

Tabletop Christmas Tree

Canadian Living has a puffy little tabletop Christmas tree made by recycling holiday cards.  It uses a lot of cards so you may have to hit family and friends for theirs to recycle. Now me, I probably wouldn’t attempt it but if you’ve got the time, Canadian Living has the instructions and a template.

Image Canadian Living

Christmas Card Basket

Canadian Living also has instructions for a cute little card basket made by recycling Christmas cards. The template is included in the template for the puffy tree. Again, you may need a little patience and time so grab a nice Christmasy DVD and get started!!

Image Martha Stewart

Christmas Recycling Projects, Ideas and Inspiration

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For inspiration and ideas for your own Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah festivities, check out my Articles section and get started.

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