Valentine's Day - Sweetheart Crackers

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It's been awhile since I posted anything and that's because I ran out of things to say or do AND have been busy offline! But with Valentine's Day tomorrow I decided I needed to post something to celebrate the day. I love chocolates but not everyone does (hard to believe, I know) so here's a recipe to share with your sweetie or all by yourself.

Goes down a treat with cheese, pate, peanut butter, hummus, or salsa.


Makes around 3 dozen depending on the size of your cookie cutter! For other occasions, use whatever cookie cutter you fancy. Don't over handle the dough as it will toughen up if handled too much.

  • 1 cup unsifted all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1/3 cup milk (I use whole milk)
  • Sesame seeds, cracked pepper, sea salt (optional)

  1. Heat oven 10 325 F deg. In food processor whith chopping blade, process flour, baking powder, and butter until coarse crumbs form.
  2. Divide down in half. On floured surface, roll one dough half until paper thin, lifting dough often to dust with flour to prevent sticking.
  3. With 3-inch heat-shaped cutter, cut rolled dough into crackers. If desired, lightly sprinkle crackers tiwh sesame seeds, pepper, or salt. 
  4. Gently roll rolling pin over the dough to press the seeds, pepper, or salt onto each cracker.
  5. Transfer crackers to ungreased baking sheet. With fork, pierce each cracker 4 or f5 times.
  6. Bake 10 minutes; turn crackers and bake 10 more minutes or until lightly browned.
  7. Cool crackers; store in airtight container.
  8. Repeat with 2nd half of dough.


DIY Green Valentine

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Valentine's Day is not far away and I'm in the process of creating some cards for both family members and friends.

Here's a sampling of what I've made so far:


Yup, the old 'key to my heart' card. I recently decided to clear out my vintage keys but I did keep a few on hand in case I had a brainstorm for repurposing the keys. The paper I used is from some junk mail I keep getting from some insurance company. I added the message and that was about it. Oh, I stuck the key on with paper glue but need to get something sturdier as it (the key, I mean) keeps slipping!

I have a hoard of old stamps and used these to make a card! Anyway, this one goes to my daughter who is the queen of my heart. The little guy who is the king is getting a few pop-up cards that I made after reading a book on how to make these. But - I digress and will post later this week. 

To make this card, I just arranged the stamps on a piece of card paper, cut out a heart on another piece of cardstock and voila - a card was born - made!

I didn't make this one - my crafty friend, Sean made it - but I thought I would post it so you can see how simple and elegant your homemade cards can be. Just bits of little Valentine shapes (the one inside is actually cut from a doily.

Easy peasy, no??

DIY Fourth of July and Bastille Day ideas

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For my American and French visitors, I think you can use ideas from my previous DIY Canada Day post to create your own holiday decorations and crafts. There are oodles of ideas all over the web for July 4th and Bastille Day celebrations. I posted some links on my other blog. But before dashing off to the shops to get the items you will need, take a peek inside your recycling bins, cupboards and drawers to see what you can recycle to get the same effect. To make great decorations and ideas for these holidays, take a look.

Valentine recycling ideas

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This year, Valentine is strictly DIY and here's my first couple of ideas. I repurposed a few matchboxes into cute containers for cinnamon hearts and used some Christmas wrapping paper to decorate the boxes. Just cut enough paper to cover the box, then glue in place. For added spice, I filled a vintage salt shaker with sugar.

The bags and cards are recycled as well. I simply photocopied some pages from a dictionary and cut them to fit over the advertising on the bags and cards, embellishing each with some vintage heart and key decorations. Even the tissue paper is recycled from Christmas.

Easy, peasy!

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