Recycling Folded Book Workshop - Christmas Trees

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 September was been an exciting month after getting lots of feedback from you, thank you. Folded book art seems to strike a cord with a lot of people. Its popularity is in part, no doubt, that it is easy, even theraputic, and all you need is a book and a pair of hands.


I am very happy to introduce two workshops to my range of folded book classes. This Folded Book Christmas Tree workshop is a hands-on approach to creating tabletop holiday trees to decorate your home for the festive season. A second workshop (still in the works) will focus, not on folding books, but on using cutting methods to create snowmen, Christmas tree ornaments, and holiday trees. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

If you would like to learn how to create your own Christmas holiday book trees and decorations, you can't miss these events. Keep reading for more details!

Workshop News

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I'm really chuffed that two more of my workshops have been sold out. The Halloween Harquelin-inspired Mask workshop sold out almost immediately. To go with the mask, participants will make matching hair barrettes. Besides being a wearable craft, the mask can also be used as wall art on Halloween.

My introductory Book Art Folding workshop has also sold out. Book folding is now a major trend among decorators and some sellers make and sell these for hundreds of dollars! In this introductory workshop, I'll be demonstrating how to choose the right book, how to prepare it and basic folding techniques which can be used in many different ways to create a one-of-a-kind book sculpture.

At my last book-folding workshop, someone said that she found book folding very soothing and very addictive - she can't pass by a book without the urge to fold the pages it. No wonder it's also call folding therapy! It's the only craft I know that only requires two elements - a book and a pair of hands!

More workshops are on the way including a series of Christmas workshops for both kids and adults.

Workshop Prep - Decorating the Studio

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Getting my studio ready for my Halloween (Hallowgreen) workshop has been a lot of work but fun. I decided to put samples from my Bookfolding Workshop to good use by adding a few freaky touches and scattering these around the room.

The skull image is one of my sticky label ideas. As you can see, at my Halloween DIY Sticky Label workshop, you'll discover that you can create images of almost any size and won't have to limit yourself to small ones only. As the label is removable, I can reuse the tray for other holidays!

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, I added a 'murder' of crows with glowing orange eyes to add a nice macabre touch to my folded books. What do you think - spooky enough?

Workshops - Kids Welcome

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I've been thinking awhile about having kids (for free and accompanied by an adult) come to the book folding workshops and so, when a neighbour, who is familiar with my workshops, stopped by the other day with a pile of comic graphic novels for me to use, I thought about how I could test this idea out. By the way, for the purists out there, these books (as in all the books I reuse) had torn pages and/or were missing quite a few, were badly stained and, generally, unreadable. Perfect for a kids' book folding workshop as the books had just the right number of pages (not so many as to overwhelm but enough to challenge little hands) and were also quite colourful. Would kids enjoy this kind of project? I needed to find out.

As chance would have it, a 6-year old friend wandered over to my place to see if I had anything crafty on the go. He had helped out with the pizza garden and was eager to see if I had anything new up my sleeve.  So - of course, I handed him a 'Lucky Luke' book and showed him a few basic folds. Then I left him to it. He quickly caught on and, in under 20 minutes, completed the above 'sculpture' and then asked if I had more books for him to fold. Although not a particularly scientific test, I realized that, yes, kids just might enjoy this project. If you are interested in having your child come to the workshop, you can along for free.