Spotted at Ikea - Pallet Recycling

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You know that something has gone mainstream when it shows up on Ikea's Livet Hemma site. Instead of pushing their own bed furniture, the stylists at Ikea recently featured a bed constructed from pallets peeking from under an Ikea foam mattress and colourful linen.

And in the garden, Ikea stylists also reused pallets as outdoor furniture.  Can you spot the pallets?

Repurposing old dressers and TV cabinet

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The folks over at Bliss Ranch have some amazing furniture conversions that you simply have to go and see. Read about how they did it and about all their other neat recycled and repurposed furniture projects. Here are some samples of their work.

Libation Station

Here’s an old dresser they picked up for free (always the best price) turned it into a fabulous portable bar. If I ever come across an old affordable dresser (or free one in someone's tip), this will be a project I'll definitely attempt. Not as a bar maybe, but as a place to store my odds and bobs.

Guy Stuff

Here's what they created from an old dresser for their boys' room. Notice their repurposing of old belts to decorate the drawers and use as drawer pulls. Neat!

TV Cabinet Rehab

When a new television replaced an old TV, the ol’ dinosaur was converted into a new cabinet.

They reuse everything they can from the original pieces for their conversions, adding a few emblishments such as cage wire (left over from their chicken coop) and a new concrete top to the former TV console.

Now that's what I call creative and useful!!

Doing good - a new concept in shopping

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My friends Neva, Sean, and I recently visited HighJinx, a shop on Somerset Street here in Ottawa that gives shopping a whole new meaning in social assistance. Imagine a store that sells used furniture and decorative accessories and plows that back into helping those with little or no means to furnish a home of their own. Upstairs the shop sells an amazing array of eclectic goods and furnishings below most market prices while downstairs it stockpiles furniture and other necessities that are free to those in need. To find out more about this amazing store, read the Ottawa Citizen article here.

I was so taken with the concept and Karen and Leigh (the shop owners) that I offered to do their Halloween window display (also roping in Sean to help out). I'm looking forward to running some workshops at the store as well. 

Run, don't walk, to check out the goodies they're selling. They won't last long as the prices as just amazing! Oh, if you have anything you no longer need, why not donate it to HighJinx!


621Somerset Street West

613 864 4289

IKEA pushing the real thing!

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And it's about time, too. The latest IKEA post featured the Formex trade fair - the largest one in Scandinavia, specializing in furnishings, design and gift articles. This year the trade fair featured many exhibitors and designers who are going back to using materials such as wood, leather, glass, and metals instead of plastic and fake wood. Of course, the post was to push IKEA products but it's heartening to see that even this gigantic Swedish store is realizing that people are looking for alternatives to harmful materials in furniture and decorative accessories. Now, if only we can convince the clothing industry to start using wool, silk, cotton, and linen again!

Go vist the post here.