Let's Make Merry - Advent Calendars - Day 3

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Someone asked me why I put up such easy-to-make Advent calenders. Well, it's because I don't want to have to go shopping and buy stuff to make one and who has time to work with completed ones. Besides, I like simple and quick. It makes my life easy.

Here's an Advent calendar from the french blog, clementinelamandarine, and it won't cost you a cent to make. Just recycle, a newspaper, pages from an old book, telephone directory to create it. The instructions are in French but the photos are so good that you won't need a translation.

But if you do, here's how: 

Start by rolling a page to form a cone. NOTE: If you are using a newspaper, cut out the number of squares you will need in the size you want first. Glue the two outside corners to keep the cone in place, as shown in the photos by the black circles. Fill the cone with what you want and glue shut.

Go here for a really good tutorial all in pictures.

You still have a couple of weeks to finish it! Good luck!

Recycling newspapers into baskets

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While cruising the web yesterday, I came across a Polish blogger and maker who blew me away with her remarkable hand-crafted baskets. Monika, over at her blog, zapleciona, upcycles/recycles newspapers into beautiful ‘wicker-like’ baskets. The baskets are woven with lengths of newspaper instead of wicker. To protect the basket surface she uses a clear acrylic lacquer. These baskets are not only eco-friendly and unique, but durable and practical as they can be used to store almost anything including your newspapers!

Yes, these are really made out of recycled newspapers! To view more of her baskets and purchase them, go here.

Ikea's urging us to recycle!

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What a good marketing strategy! Ikea is urging us to reuse our PET plastic containers for gardening; then you get to buy all the products they sell such as recycling bins, shelving, etc. to make it all look pretty. Gotta admit their stuff makes recycling more interesting and neater than my old cardboard boxes, but will I spend the dough on the Ikea stuff? No, and not just because I'm cheap frugal but because they're too darn far from where I live.



The Ikea Livet Hemma site also has a great photo of seedling pots made from magazines to decorate a brunch table. I do this a lot as I'm too cheap to buy those little papier mache seed pots. Here's how to make them. Just remember to tear the newspaper or magazine before sticking it in the ground when replanting your pots; otherwise the roots won't have room to spread out.

Newspaper recycling idea from Ikea!

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Loved this idea when I saw it at the Ikea Livet Hemma site by guest blogger, Anna G.. 'Course the idea here is to highlite and promote Ikea products, but it was the recycling of newspapers as wall covering that I spotted and liked (you could also use book pages or black and white pages from magazines). If you are anything like me and can't make up your mind what to do with boring walls, it's one very inexpensive solution, and makes a fabulous temporary covering if you are in the process of redecorating. Great conversation piece for guests at a dinner party, too.

Recycle a Magazine or Card into Candle Votive Covers

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Okay, so I’ve been pretty lazy about blogging but I’m just getting back on my feet and am feeling frisky again. My OC article on keeping your new year’s resolutions by going green was published yesterday. Here’s the link.

So because my energy level is not quite up there (I’m saving it for a new project!), I checking out the web to see what others are doing by recycling creatively. And, of course, I keep folks on the web who are doing wonderful and very professional looking recycling projects (none of this macaroni on cardboard recycling crafts!).

And speaking of recycling - here’s another example (amazing) of what you can make from the pictures of magazines, calendars, or card--ta dah--clever DIY candle votive covers.

The clever designer behind this idea is Claire over at Fellow, Fellow. Here’s the lutorial.


Another use for wire coat hangers

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Cold is over but my energy level is still pretty down so I've not done much lately. I'm working on an idea proposal for recyclables and this is taking up a lot of my time.

But, in the meantime, I spotted yet another idea for recycling a wire coat hanger – found it at Ohhh...Mhhh. You could also use a plastic coat hanger but I’m sure the aesthetic would not be the same and a wooden one would maybe be too bulky.