Magazines & Newspapers Recycling For Christmas

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Money's tight these days and sometimes it's hard to imagine we can create the kind of ambience we want during the holiday season because we've got other priorities. But the good news is that you can still create wonderful decorations and gifts for your home and family without breaking the bank. Yes, I'm talking newspapers and magazines: you can use them for wrapping gifts, bows, decorations, and more. So once you’ve finished catching up on the news, don’t toss those papers away; use them instead. 

Here are a few easy and frugal ideas I found online for upcycling newspapers and magazines for the holidays. These just might inspire you to put away your wallet and head for your recycling bin instead.

Advent Calendars

The German site Casa di Falcone caught my eye even though mainly sells paper goods. It does however have a lot of great ideas for advent calendars including this newspaper advent calendar and there are instructions for it. In German, yes, but you can use Google to translate it. What makes this calendar so elegant is the addition of the numbered tags. Note some sewing is involved. Click here for instructions.

A fun and easy Advent calendar from another German blog (unfortunately it is now defunct). It's created using colourful newspaper comic pages or maybe a comic book and should be fairly simple to make. Fill it with sweets, little trinkets, or notes. If you're anything like me, you'll need some how-tos to make the cones; if you do, go here

Gift Bows

Gift bows made from newspapers or magazines are all over the web. The image is from Canoe Ridge Creations. But for full instructions go to Jessica Jones' blog.

Christmas Crackers

Don't dispair if you don't know how DIY a Christmas cracker. Jamie Oliver's got you covered. Jamie's Christmas crackers are created using leftover wrapping paper, newspapers, and comic pages. His favourite designer, Jonny Garrett, gives step-by-step instructions here.

Decorations for Your Tree

Another cone idea but the Good Ideas for You blog has more. Again, it's the embellishments (here bits of doily and ribbon) that elevate these from the ordinary to the elegant. Take a gander and get busy.


Newspaper may seem like a ho-hum cheapo kind of gift wrap but it depends on what you use to embellish it with. Here German photographer, Helgo Noack, uses a simple sprig of flowers and a plain cord to create a simple but elegant gift wrapper. You'll find dozens of ways to uplift blah, I mean, inexpensive newspaper gift wrap online. And it's so handy!


Torryne Choate created her wreath entirely from recycled Vogue pages. To make it, she cut pages into 6” squares, accordion-folded them, wired them to a metal wreath form (a wire coat hanger would do), and then fluffed out the folded squares to create this one-of-a-kind holiday wreath. I made a similar one from newspaper and posted it here

Here’s a tip: Foreign papers often look more lovely than ours, so don't hesitate to use these. I get mine for free at our local public library. 

Recycling Magazines

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 I've blogged about recycling magazines before and here are a few more ways.

You can make gift bags, tags, greeting cards, and matching envelopes. The tools needed are what we all have around the house or are easily accessible: scissors, pencils, rulers, glue stick and, of course, magazines.

You can make gift boxes from magazine covers. There are, of course, dozens of other ways to recycle (or I should say upcycle) magazines from beads to Christmas trees. All how-tos can be found online, so go search!

Did I mention that any leftover magazine bits and bobs can be shredded and used as filler in mailing parcels or even confett?. By the way, if you have no magazines, junk mail, old maps, even paper bags work just as well.

Let's Make Merry - Advent Calendars - Day 3

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Someone asked me why I put up such easy-to-make Advent calenders. Well, it's because I don't want to have to go shopping and buy stuff to make one and who has time to work with completed ones. Besides, I like simple and quick. It makes my life easy.

Here's an Advent calendar from the french blog, clementinelamandarine, and it won't cost you a cent to make. Just recycle, a newspaper, pages from an old book, telephone directory to create it. The instructions are in French but the photos are so good that you won't need a translation.

But if you do, here's how: 

Start by rolling a page to form a cone. NOTE: If you are using a newspaper, cut out the number of squares you will need in the size you want first. Glue the two outside corners to keep the cone in place, as shown in the photos by the black circles. Fill the cone with what you want and glue shut.

Go here for a really good tutorial all in pictures.

You still have a couple of weeks to finish it! Good luck!

Recycling newspapers into baskets

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While cruising the web yesterday, I came across a Polish blogger and maker who blew me away with her remarkable hand-crafted baskets. Monika, over at her blog, zapleciona, upcycles/recycles newspapers into beautiful ‘wicker-like’ baskets. The baskets are woven with lengths of newspaper instead of wicker. To protect the basket surface she uses a clear acrylic lacquer. These baskets are not only eco-friendly and unique, but durable and practical as they can be used to store almost anything including your newspapers!

Yes, these are really made out of recycled newspapers! To view more of her baskets and purchase them, go here.