DIY Mother's Day (Workshop Edition)

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If you're still looking for inexpensive, quick and easy DIY projects for Mom or Gran, there's plenty on the web to choose from but in this post I will highlight some ideas made by participants of my past and recent workshops. All are easy-peasy, quick, and very low cost. We used what we needed from my recycling bin and went to town.

Flower Pot Cards

Made from gardening catalogues, cereal (or other) cardboard boxes, brown paper grocery bags, and saved ribbon, these flower pot cards take only minutes, so most of the participants made several. No fancy-smancy equipment needed. Participants simply cut out flowers they liked from the gardening catalogues, glued these on cereal box cardboard, and then trimmed these. The flowers can be pulled out of the pot to reveal a message to the recipient. Oh, and we also made envelopes to match from the grocery bags. 

Paperbead Bracelet

Perfect gift form Mom and so easy. All you need are a pile of old magazines, glue, a wooden skewer, ruler, pencil, and scissors. Participants added some beads from broken necklaces and bracelets I pick up at charity shops. The 12-year old participant who made this bracelet added a found metal Valentine's heart. His Mom is sure to love it.

Gift Boxes from Magazine Covers

A few of the magazines we worked with had nice stiff front covers with interesting images, so, of course, I suggested making gift boxes out of these. After all, you'll need a nice one for Mom's gift. You can also cut long, thin strips of magazine pages to use as fillers for the boxes instead of tissue paper. 

Tag, You're It!

After boxes are made, you'll need a tag or two. So why not make a few like these using images you like from those old magazines. Participants cut out and glued images they liked onto used cereal box cardboard, then trimmed these into nice label tags, adding a bit of string.

Et voilà, all done and ready for Mom.

Halloween Workshop Studio

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Well, I'm already and so is my studio for our first workshop of the season. It was fun going through my storage unit and finding all my Halloween decorations. Usually I get rid of stuff once I've finished a class but for some reason I tend to hang on to my Halloween and Christmas stuff. And I'm glad I did.

I stopped by the Byward Farmers Market today and couldn't resist adding some fun to the piles of pumpkins I saw there. Wonder what people will think when they see these starring up at them.

Further Workshops Postponed

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My first workshop went very well and, although only a small group, we had loads of fun. Everyone went home with a finished book sculpture and were looking forward to the next workshop.

Unfortunately ...

Wasn’t it John Lennon who said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”?  Well, I guess that applies to me. I will be postponing my next workshops as I need to be away for most of August. I’ll still be posting things that I find interesting but my workshops are on hold until September.