Creative Craft Workshops Coming Soon!

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My Autumn Workshops are coming soon and they’re all about creating beautiful and useful objects from my favourite resource centre – the recycling bin. Yes, I’m talking trash and not ashamed to say it.

After taking a good look at what we all normally toss has possibilities: piles of old magazines, dog-eared paperbacks, glass and/or plastic containers, fabric scraps, and so on, I decided to develope a series of small but perfectly formed creative craft hands-on any one can master.

Workshop participants can use their recyclables to: create decorative items for their homes or to give as gifts. make a bit of money for kids’ school activities. start a part-time or full-time home-based business. support a favourite charity or cause.

Workshops are designed for both adults and kids.

We're going to have tons of fun.

For details check out my Shop!

Workshop News and Examples in the Making

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Did you find that August just flew by? I can't believe it's already SEPTEMBER!! Boy, do I have to scurry!!

I've finally got my act together and will be posting my new workshops later today. I've been working hard on making samples and sometimes I tend to forget why I'm making them. One of my workshops will be on Halloween decorations. It was so popular last year that I will be repeating it. The most popular project were the rosettes/pinwheels wall decorations and the bunting rosettes/pinwheels (I call them rosettes, others call them pinwheels).

As I was making my rosette samples, I wondered if there was another way I can use these decorations. I know that the concept can easily be transformed for any holiday or occasion - just fold away and glue, right? But what else besides wall decorations, bunting or garlands can I make?

Why not a Christmas or holiday tree! This idea was inspired by those little trees made of squares of paper. They were all over the web a year or so ago. 

This one is from our lady Martha.  But I could never seem myself cutting up all those itsy bitsy pieces of paper. I don't have that long an attentions span!! Could I do this with rosettes and would it be easier?? A good question.

Et voilà ! Here is what I did. It's a prototype and still has a few kinks. So I wouldn't have to make tons of rosettes, I simply added a small piece of 1/2-inch foam poster board between each rosette. Because I get bored easily I was happy enough to make each rosette while watching Escape to the Chateau, a Channel 4 British show now on CBC.

What do you think?

Autumn Creative Recycling Craft Workshops

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My two assistants, Hedge and Mouse, and I are working on my coming Autumn Creative Workshops and I am so excited (it doesn't take much!!). Since all our ideas are based what's inside my recycling bin (and recyclables kind neighbours give me), I never know what I'll come up with. But it sure will be fun finding out!!

For the kids, I'm looking at creative card making, Halloween decorations, book folded critters, and whatever else I can imagine. For adults, I'm focusing on ideas for Halloween and Christmas decorations - stuff you can make to decorate your home, to give away as gifts, or even to sell.

Stay tuned as I will be posting samples soon. Also take a look at previous holiday ideas, click on Halloween and/or Christmas Crafts under Categories.

Ciao for now!!

Workshop News and What's Going On ...

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My Paper Bead workshop went well despite the weather - heavy freezing rain but people showed up and we had a great time making beads. Some of the participant went home wearing their work!

I just opened an instagram account and have become addicted (well, almost). Why not see what I'm up to at my new Instagram account?