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Upcycle with Ikea - Transforming old bed linen

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Yesterday's post got me thinking that my whole apartment needs an uplift. So - I returned to trawl through Ikea's Livet Hemma blog looking for inspiration that I can use to brighten up my place and, in my search, I spotted this:

I like everything in this room (well, almost!) and will probably copy most of it when I find the time. As I'm fairly conservative when it comes to colours and stuff and all my bed linen is white - pillows, sheets, duvets, I like the idea of adding colour by just dipping parts of a fabric into dye. The pompoms add a fun touch to the room, too, I think.

And that ladder - in the Ikea description, the ladder is supposed to replace a dresser but couldn't possibly in my case. But I'd like to have it for hanging up stuff. I've made ladders in the past and sold. I do believe that I have some leftover 2 x 4s stashed away somewhere in my storage unit.

I found out by reading the Ikea description that what makes this room so stylish and appealing are the different textures used. See - I am learning something.

How to Dip and Dye

Okay, I'm not going to tell you how to dip dye your fabrics. Instead you can head over to Tie Dye Your Summer for a really easy method to dip dyeing your linens. Here are their really easy how-to instructions.

Of course, our lady Martha also has a method for dye dipping. Click here for her how-tos.

Pompom Makery

I know I posted a pompom how-to link somewhere but you can never have enough (links, that is). If you have any unused sweaters lying around, why not unravel one to make your own pompom without dashing off to the yarn barn. Click here for how to find out how to unravel yarn from an old sweater.

As for the pompom, click here for a couple of ways to make your own - small or large.

Ladder Work

If you keen to make your own ladder, here's a link to one that looks easy enough.

Upcycle with Ikea - Cushion Covers into Bags

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And -- she's back! Me, that is. Lots going on at the beginning of the year but I think I'm ready for 2015 now! 

I'm a big fan of Ikea's lifestyle blog, Livet Hemma. Not so much for looking to buy anything but because some of the ideas posted by Ikea's resident designers and others are worth taking a second look at. Many of the ideas can be reinterpreted using what you've already got and can recycle.

Here's an idea from guest blogger, Sara Zetterström from over at little miss fix it. She shows you how to upcycle (extra) cushion covers into neat storage bags. And who doesn't need more storage? All you do is add a little fabric loop for hanging up the cushion cover. So simple! Ms. Sara uses Ikea's SANELA cushion covers to make her bags but that's no reason to go out and buy new ones. Why not dig around your linen closet see if you've got any cushion or pillows you don't use and make these?

Since I have at least half a dozen cushion covers lurking in my linen closet - all unused - this is one project I will definitely do. And you don't even need a sewing machine (I don't have one). It would be simple enough to hand stitch. Easy, peasy. I like this!

Closed for Christmas

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I really thought I could make it but there aren't enough hours in a day to continue looking for ideas for my posts; so I will be stopping at L. I'm also closing down until the new year when I hope to return to my original focus on recycling, upcycling, reusing, and reducing. 

Meanwhile, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Take care of one another.


Christmas Ideas - L

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L is for

Lights and Luminaries!

My favourite thing to do at Christmas, after the tree is up, is to put string lights over everything - mirrors, chalkboards, framed pictures, along bookshelves, and when I had one, along the mantel. Mind you, a few of these stay up way past the holidays! 

String (or fairy) Lights

Don't you just love how these string lights are arranged over this old door. I may just copy the idea, even though I don't have an old door - rats! I found the idea at Christmaholic, a shopping site but you can easily use reproduce this with what you've got. You can even make the light covers yourself using things like doilies, small paper cups, compartments cut out of egg cartons, and so on.

To see more ideas for string lights, click here

Luminaries (Paper)

Kate's Creative Space is the source of this lovely Dutch canal house luminary idea. She even provides a template of the houses. To download, click here

I found this idea over at Dream Home Decorating. An inexpensive way to dress up your Christmas table. For instructions, click here.

Luminaries (Jar)

This idea is from Michaels but I'm sure there are dozens (even hundreds) or similar ideas using jars. Just remember to use battery-powered tea lights rather than candles. LED battery-powered tea lights last the longest. The website for Ball mason jars has a lot of ideas for making mason jar luminaries. You don't have to use mason jars - any clear jar will do. Just clean it up and go for it.

For more ideas, go here.

Here's a neat idea using aluminum foil insert inside a jar that's been punched with holes to allow the light to show through. I found it at Surprised DIY.

For the how-tos, go here

Luminary (Rudolph's Nose)

My little contribution - by now, you probably know that I don't throw much out (and it's a good thing). So when I went through my Christmas storage box and found a musical Christmas holiday card I got last year (still lighting up and playing a Christmas tune) and a plastic reindeer, the (figurative) light bulb turned on.

Because the musical tune was not a favourite (and started to get annoying), I detached the wire to the music mechanism but left the light battery mechanism intact. I painted the deer red (because that was all the paint I had left) and then attached the 'nose' mechanism with glue to the reindeer and - voila - Rudolph's glowing nose was born. Two days later and it's still 'glowing' strong!

Christmas Ideas - K

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K is for

Kids Christmas Crafts

There are a lot of Christmas craft ideas for kids out there. If you've been following the Christmas blog, almost any of the ideas here, you'll soon see that most can be made by kids (with supervision). And there are loads of other blogs with even more ideas. So take the time to check these out for some easy, peasy ideas. The following are a few links to get you started.

Kiddy crafts, wraps, trees from our lady Martha.

Sweet Paul has lots of great ideas (even if he misspells Christmas) for you and the kids.

Parents online magazine has loads more.

No instructions at the site for these little trees but would be easy to copy with paper, buttons and wooden skewers. 

Christmas Ideas - J

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J is for

Jingle Bells

What else? Make these Christmas bell clusters to decorate a wreath, your Christmas tree, a wrapped gift, or leave a bunch in a bowl to give to guests at your holiday do. No matter how you use them, they'll be a hit.

Heather from Whipperberry (a favourite foodie blog) as a guest blogger shows you how over at U Create. For her tutorial, click here.