Hi - I am a writer, amateur photographer, clutsy crafter, and an enthusiastic recycler/upcycler with an ADD personality. That means my brain sometimes becomes so full of ideas that I don't have time to express or do everything I carry around in my head. I like nothing better than to find new ways to reuse and repurpose stuff others toss out. 

I have written about recycling and upcycling for newspapers across Canada and as a contributing writer for Country Almanac, Country Victorian, Family Circle, and Woman’s Day for over 10 years. For fun, I've run workshops in cafes and retail outlets in Ottawa and in Edinburgh as well as having my own cable TV show. 

Why I Do What I Do? 

It's in my blood. I come from an immigrant family that fled war and destruction and they lost everything. In Canada, my siblings and I were taught from an early age never to throw anything out if we could imagine a at least one new use for it. We didn't call it recycling or upcycling but we certainly practised both.

My dad was a carpenter, engineer, and all round inventor. He could make the most amazing beautiful and useful stuff from odd bits of metal and wood. As for our mom, the running joke in our family was that she could make a quilt from an old skirt or shirt and then, when this became worn out, she'd make a skirt out of it! 

It's the green thing to do. Plain and simple, we reduce the stress on our plant and all it requires is thoughtfulness, creativity, and a little elbow grease. 

It's thrifty. And being thrifty is trendy now. So why spend dollars on stuff when you can make it yourself. Sort through your closets or recycling bins and create items you can make and maybe even sell. Being thrifty has a positive impact on the environment when you create something beautiful or useful from something old.